Lima Alliance | Universitario de Deportes – The forceful response of Leao Butrón to Jean Ferrari before the classic

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This Wednesday, Leao Butrón, former goalkeeper and captain of Alianza Lima, referred to the recent statements by Jean Ferrari in reference to which club has managed better in recent years. Likewise, the former soccer player referred to the next classic against the ‘merengue’ team agreed for this Sunday, February 19 at the Monumental stadium.

“It’s not because I’m in Alianza, but the management of any team is measured mainly by sporting achievements and I think that in that sense we have been superior. Universitario is great, but we have more titles than them,” said Leao Butrón in RPP Noticias.

Likewise, the former goalkeeper added: “I am surprised by what Jean Ferrari insinuated about fixing some matches with his wallet, I think he went too far there. I don’t think Universitario sees himself reflected in those offensive comments and I think you have to be careful when you In terms of management, I don’t know what the ‘U’ is doing, but in terms of sports I think Alianza Lima is very much ahead.”

On the other hand, Leao Butrón was asked about how he thinks the intimate team will arrive at this important duel: “I see that both have very good teams this year and I think it will be a fairly even game with an important framework and I think it will be nice Hopefully we can witness it.”

Trichampionship or good Copa Libertadores:

Likewise, Leao Butrón was asked about what he would consider a main objective: to achieve the three-time national championship or to have a good Copa Libertadores. “Four-time championship, next year is very important. Four-time championship, that’s what I want”,

The referees of the Classic

For the Clásico, the responsible authorities have already been defined. The National Commission of Referees (Conar) appointed Augusto Menendez as main judge for the Universitario vs. Lima Alliance.

Menéndez, FIFA category referee, will be present at the Monumental Stadium, accompanied by Stephen Atoche (1st assistant) and Leonard Soto (2nd assistant), both also FIFA. The fourth official will be Alexander Villanueva y Victor Hugo Carrillo will come as a consultant.

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