Lima: Protestant lawyer denounces police harassment

The lawyer Efraín Sullca, who is in Lima supporting the Protestants in the provinces, denounced a series of acts of harassment and illegal persecution against the delegations and lawyers.

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He indicated that all the detainees have their documents withheld and are returned days later. They keep them without water, without food, they take away their personal belongings, their money and other goods.

In addition, they are transferred to distant police stations, so that their lawyers have to travel great distances. The same happens when they return documents and personal belongings, since they force the intervened to travel long distances.

It should be noted that, throughout the stay of the protesters in the city of Lima, the police have harassed, harassed, persecuted, beaten and even killed without the capital’s press saying anything and there is no further action by organizations such as the Ombudsman’s Office. Town.

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