Lin Xintong exposes his love affair in the tin face bead photos? | Entertainment

Lin Xintong (Mag) has just passed her 31st birthday. Although her singing career is beginning to dawn on her, her love journey is bumpy. She once blew herself up in the show that she tried to be a “little third” by mistake, and was abused by her first love boyfriend; she was rumored to be cruelly treated by BOP Bird of Paradise member Tyrese (Ou Qiaofeng), but her relationship is still blank.

Mag uploaded a photo of being tin-faced by a man on the delivery platform yesterday (31st). Seeing her replied shyly, with her eyes closed, she behaved so intoxicated. And the man is also so tight, the same tin closes his eyes. Some netizens praised “Sweet”, but it turned out that the other party was not Mag’s new love. She said: “When I was a child, I petted my younger brother. Now I am petting me with my younger brother. By the way, he is a professional and careful pet groomer.” Netizens praised his younger brother for his talents, he is quite handsome, but it turns out that he is still a rock climber with very agile skills.

The younger brother is also a master climber.

Lin Xintong blew himself up by a man's tin-faced pearl: Doting my brother

July 21st is Mag’s 31st birthday.


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