Lina Wertmuller, 92 years between Oscar and fight for the environment – Cinema


“I have always had a strong character, since I was a child – says Lina Wertmueller about herself -. I was even thrown out of eleven schools and I always commanded on the set”. No wonder, on the stroke of 92 / o birthday (August 14), Lina the Combattente still makes her voice heard to fight a new battle: in recent days her crusade in Sardinia alongside Legambiente against the concession for an oyster and mussel farm in the Golfo degli Aranci. A place very dear to her, discovered at the time of one of the greatest successes (“Overwhelmed by an unusual destiny …”) and where she also spends these weeks.
Lina, born in Rome in 1928, is not new to taking positions on political and social issues and has never hidden her ideas, whether it was joining the Socialist Party or claiming women’s rights in the world of cinema. At the delivery of the honorary Oscar a few months ago he made the audience laugh by suggesting that from now on Mr. Oscar could be renamed to the female. More generally, however, she distanced herself from the extremist positions of feminism by reiterating: “You cannot do this job because you are a man or because you are a woman. You do it because you have talent. This is the only thing that matters. for me and it should be the only parameter with which to evaluate who to direct a film. Like all I had my problems getting accepted but I didn’t give a damn. I went straight my way, always choosing to do that that I liked “.
And she succeeded, as evidenced by a career full of successes. She was the first woman to win a nomination as best director at the time of “Pasqualino settebellezze” (1976) which totaled four; she was the first woman to be successful on TV at the time of the “screenplays” with the triumphal reception of the “Giornalino di Giamburrasca” (1964-65) and shares with Iaia Fiastri the privilege of having had space in the award-winning company Garinei & Giovannini.


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