Lincoln Palomeque and actress of Until the money separates us, RCN, were boyfriends

The novel starring Víctor Hugo Cabrera —an actor who later dedicated himself to “rebusque”— had the actors Ernesto Benjumea and Katherine Vélez, who in real life are husband and wife.

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In ‘Until money do us part’, heThe characters of the artists had no love relationship; They were just colleagues from the car dealership (Colombia Autos) where they worked.

He played Edgar Marinoa hateful company salesman, while she was ‘the General’, a role that in the new version is played by her sister-in-law, her husband’s sister.

The actor couple It’s been over two decades. They have two children and, in addition to the soap opera on Canal RCN, they have coincided in other theater projects.

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Lincoln Palomeque was the boyfriend of an actress from ‘Until money do us part’

The man from Cucuta, who dedicated a heartfelt message to his ex Carolina Cruz, worked on the novel with Katherine Porto, an actress who was his girlfriend in real life.

In the production written by Fernando Gaitán, Palomeque played ‘el Dandy’, a Colombia Autos salesman who was quite a conqueror. Porto, on the other hand, was Susana, the protagonist’s personal assistant.

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The characters of the actors also had a romantic relationship in the novel. In fact, ‘El Dandy’ ends up settling down when he falls in love with Susana.

In real life, the story was different. The actress ended Palomeque because she was still in love with her ex-boyfriendrevealed in ‘Se dice de mí’ (by Caracol Televisión), as can be seen in this video.

However, although it was short, she pointed out that it was a very beautiful relationship.

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Both Porto and Palomeque continued betting on love. She now has a son who is adoring her while he had two offspring with the presenter Carolina Cruzfrom which he separated after 14 years.