Linde Merckpoel (36) is expecting her first child. She announced this in her program #BijLinde at Studio Brussel. And her career is also taking a new turn.

From the autumn she will start working as an online creative at Een. “The ambition and enthusiasm is greater than ever.”

Merckpoel has worked as a presenter for Studio Brussel since 2008, but has concentrated on the channel’s digital channels since the beginning of last year. She made Linde vlogs / follows in # At Linde, in which she surprised listeners and viewers and brought stories. “Every day felt like a new adventure,” she says of this period. “I am happy that we can now continue with One. A place that already feels like home. “

Olivier Goris, grid manager of Een, is also pleased that Merkcpoel will soon be publishing her stories on the online channels of Een. ‘She responds to what is going on and brings stories that touch a wide audience. And that’s also what One does daily, ”he says.

Jan Van Biesen, the head of Studio Brussel, says that the presenter ‘has become a class and phenomenon in itself’, and that her vlogs on the internet were very broad in Flanders. “We are very happy that she will now be able to show much more of this beauty for our big brother One. And that she will regularly visit StuBru on our known floor. ‘


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