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Lindsey Graham says, "I'm not gay," after Chelsea Handler tripped him on the national coming-out day

Senator Lindsey Graham talked about his sexuality after Chelsea Handler suggested that he was gay.

Handler, 43, tweeted about the South Carolina Senator, known for his conservative, republican views, on Thursday's National Coming Out Day.

"If you're wondering why Republicans today had a sick day, it's probably because it's #NationalComingOutDay," she wrote. "Looked at you @LindseyGrahamSC"

One day after the comic's tweet, Graham, 63, responded to their comments and said that they did not think well about them.

"It's a free country, she can say what she wants to say, I do not care," he told a TMZ cameraman at Reagan National Airport on Friday. "I do not think much about what she's saying, she wants to lead her life so that it's up to her."

Asked if Handler "Compare Homosexuality to Evil" or homophobic because some have criticized her for making a joke about being gay, Graham pointed out that he was not gay.

"Number one, she does not know anything about me, so far as that matters, I'm not gay," he explained. "And those comments … I do not think they reflect well on them and I do not know how it makes us a better country, but it's up to them, not me."

Chelsea Handlers Tweet

Chelsea Handlers Tweet

Chelsea Handler / Twitter

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He also stated that it is unacceptable in the present time to make fun of others over comedy.

"I think we'll move on," he said. "Insulting people is not as fun as it used to be, and that's a good thing."

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In response to Handler's Tweet, many users said it was funny to make fun of the LGBTQ community, regardless of the jokes.

"Why is there such a gulf to understand this fact: being gay is not something that could embarrass or embarrass anyone," wrote one user. "It is shocking that at this time people who seem to be the allies of our community still do not understand it."

"So constantly disappointed by" allies "who turn LGBTQ identities into punchlines and sources of malicious shame" someone else wrote, "Again and again and again."

"I think this joke is old-fashioned and misguided and also hurtful" added another user,

Others quickly resorted to Handler's defense, claiming their intentions were not malicious.

"I do not think she's trying to embarrass him" a user explains, "It's no shame to be gay, it's a shame to hide it, it has to come out and be proud, do not hide it as if it's a disease, there's no excuse for you being gay in today's society you are, unless you are homophobic. "

"People need to take a chill pill," someone else added. "She does it for a living, she gets places full of gay people and she jokes about them, I do not think any of those jokes were" insulted "by the jokes people do now."

This is not the first time that Handler has attacked the senator on social media and said he is gay.

Last January was the former talk show host implies that Graham was blackmailed for his sexuality after President Donald Trump held a bipartisan immigration reform session.

"Holy, f- f- I just watched the video from two parties yesterday – meeting", she wrote. "Hey, @ LindseyGrahamSC what kind of … video do they have on you for you 2 behave like that, would not it be more honorable to come out?"



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