Line 12 continues to shake the 4T

The defense that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made yesterday of his main letter to succeed him, the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, served very little to deactivate the bomb that his lawsuit with the company has become which commissioned the expert reports a year ago to find out the reasons for the collapse, on May 3, 2021, of a section of Line 12 of the capital’s metro that caused the death of 26 people and more than a hundred injured.

As this expert opinion seems to reach Sheinbaum, AMLO came out to say in his morning that he is being subjected to strong pressure for “the season”, referring to the political beating inside and outside of Morena for being one of the strong contenders for the presidential candidacy for the President’s party. And she finished by insisting that she has her support for being a “wholesome and honest woman.”

Despite this presidential support, yesterday Sheinbaum remained silent and limited himself to uploading to the official pages of the CDMX government the third report by the Norwegian company Det Norske Veritas (DNV), which had been hidden for almost two months and which disqualified last week, despite the fact that when he contracted his services a year ago, he did not skimp on acknowledgments to this firm with more than 150 years in the market.

The head of government published this information 48 hours after the Spanish newspaper El País had already reported it, which indicates that the lack of maintenance on the so-called Golden Line was another decisive factor for the incident, which also involves the Sheinbaum’s government.

Yesterday the expectation was that he would come out to ratify his criticism and his decision to sue the DNV company civilly, which he accused of making a report that had conflicts of interest, and that he lied for political profit, in addition that in its development he had violated the agreed methodology. Even more so because the directors of the Norwegian company rejected the accusations and said they were determined to defend their reputation and the contract for 20 million pesos that the CDMX authorities no longer want to pay them.

It will be necessary to remember that the collapsed section of the L12 was built by CICSA, the company of one of the richest businessmen in Mexico and the world, as well as the favorite of the 4T, Carlos Slim, who surely is not very interested in continuing to deepen either. in the causes of this tragedy and that it can give elements to the affected families who continue with the spirit of presenting lawsuits to demand greater reparation for the damage.

It should also be remembered that days after the incident, a part of the Mexican Union of Metro Workers threatened to make a total work stoppage due to the risk with which the 12 lines circulate due to lack of maintenance, and according to one of its leaders, Jesús Urban, the person responsible for the tragedy was the then general director of the Metro, Florencia Serranía, who was never called to testify to protect her.

That said, the worst incident in the history of this massive means of transport not only affects the presidential aspirations of Sheinbaum, and of Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, who as head of government built Line 12 and was persecuted for his failures by his successor Miguel Ángel Mancera, but continues to shake and threaten to derail the entire 4T.


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