Line Disconnected due to Flood, All Train Trips from Jakarta Canceled

A number of PT KAI (Persero) officers are repairing a rail that was cut off due to floods on the Kedunggedeh-Lemah Abang route, Bekasi Regency. (Source: Public Relations of PT KAI)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) Daop 1 Jakarta canceled all long-distance and local train trips from Jakarta this Monday (22/2/2021).

This is inseparable from the interruption of the existing railroad tracks in Kedunggedeh-Lemah Abang due to floods.

Head of Public Relations of Daop 1 Jakarta Eva Chairunisa in her official statement explained that the cancellation of the entire train departure schedule was also due to the floods in Jakarta which inundated a number of train tracks, making travel impossible.

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“In the Daop 1 Jakarta area the impact of extreme weather occurred on the road plot between Kedunggedeh-Lemah Abang Station Km 55 +100 to KM 53 + 600 which was flooded on Sunday 21 Feb 2021 with water levels up to 150cm above the Rail Kop,” Eva said as quoted by, Monday (22/2/2021).

Eva explained that the floods not only flooded the tracks but also eroded the rocky foundation on the tracks. Therefore, it needs a repair process.

Considering the safety aspect, PT KAI was forced to cancel all long-distance and local trains departing from Gambir Station and Pasar Senen Station today.



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