LinkedIn updates will help businesses

LinkedIn is one of the most popular networks for businesses and job seekers. The new features introduced by the site will allow companies to be more competitive. These options are available on the company profile page and are aimed at both employers and employees. It will now be possible to use these tools to improve internal communication, monitor competitors and attract new talent.

A variety of features specifically designed for businesses

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It is important for a company to maintain productive communication with its employees. Indeed, this is vital to retain them over the long term. The “My Company” tab of LinkedIn now has new options to achieve this goal. It will now be possible to analyze the content that appears on your page feed with a single click. Additionally, an option to notify employees of new content and encourage them to share it has been added.

An internal study carried out by LinkedIn shows that employees are 14x more inclined to share content from their company. Note that the “My Company” tab is only available for company profiles with more than 201 employees. Other updates on this tab include employee highlights, recommendations, hot content, an analytics section.

Highlight company policies and monitor competition

Company policies are very important to job seekers. It is very important to be completely transparent about this. This can be decisive when professionals are considering which companies to apply for. LinkedIn has therefore integrated a new feature that allows you to share the company’s policy in the banner. This is one of the first things you see on the company page. Work schedules, compensation plans, benefits and more can be shared with just a few clicks.

In today’s highly competitive market, it is important to know how your competition is performing. A customizable analytics tool has been added to the “Analytics” tab of LinkedIn. It is now possible to add up to 9 competitors to track the performance of their LinkedIn page. LinkedIn plans to add more metrics to gauge corporate performance and employee engagement.

In an increasingly competitive job market, LinkedIn appears to be committed to providing businesses with as many tools as possible. The aim is to help attract more talent and monitor the competition. It is one of the most used professional platforms at the moment and the site seems determined to do everything possible to stay that way.