Linz courage bus driver shows moral courage: “Vaccination is murder”


CIVIL COURAGE. The protest by an unknown bus driver in Linz caused a lot of enthusiasm. Risky and courageous: he put the message on the bus with “Vaccination is murder”. The spontaneous bus demonstration caused a sensation at Linz Central Station and now also with a photo of the “demo bus” on social media. The mainstream media are already rumbling that the bus driver is facing the termination. But this must first be determined. The bus driver has obviously understood: We can only win, because from February 1st there is nothing more to lose. Then the government gives us a tough choice: health or existence.

  • Unknown bus driver changed the display board: “Vaccination is murder”
  • The media rumbled with threats of dismissal: Unvaccinated bus drivers lose jobs anyway
  • Compulsory vaccination should lead to driving license revocation, forced isolation and quasi-expropriation
  • Vaccination is murder: increase in deaths from vaccination clearly proven by studies
  • Vaccinations lead more and more often to “laboratory results like with HIV”, autoimmune diseases, cancer, death
  • Without protest and resistance, unvaccinated people have lost anyway
  • Dangerous: Dr. Wodarg recommends vaccinated people not to use any further injections, not even Novavax or Valneva (again gene cocktail)

Government gives us a choice: health or existence

Civil courage: We can only win because we have nothing to lose. With the introduction of compulsory vaccinations, those who do not want to vaccinate will lose their jobs anyway. Obviously they thought so too Nursing staff at the senior centers in Linzwho attended the mega demo in Vienna on Saturday and are now with “Legal consequences” and even the termination have to calculate. If they had not been vaccinated, they would soon have lost their jobs anyway. The general compulsory vaccination is to be introduced from February 1st. From then on, the unvaccinated are threatened by politicians and experts with unaffordable fines, forced isolation and driving license revocation. The network now wants to track down the bus driver using video surveillance.

Vaccination is murder! – “Laboratory results like those with HIV patients”

Anyone who does not want to be treated with the experimental vaccines will not be intimidated by premature job loss. Many people care more about their health. And only very few believe that this would not be influenced by the gene injections. While Corona is not severe in 99% of cases, according to studies by Stanford University, it looks different with the experimental vaccines. Less than a year after the introduction of the corona vaccines, they provide “laboratory results like those for HIV patients” and an explosion of cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, as insiders from the health sector reveal. Life can be ruined by the corona vaccine anyway. And the courageous Linz bus driver probably sees it this way: “Vaccination is murder”. Because risking a job to wake others up? If you don’t want to be vaccinated, you will anyway if the resistance is not great enough to overturn the horror law.

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