Lionel Messi “isolated” at PSG: Thierry Henry criticizes coach Pochettino

Lionel Messi “isolated” at PSG: Thierry Henry criticizes coach Pochettino

According to French legend Henry, the fact that Messi has not yet got off to a full start at PSG is largely due to Pochettino.

Thierry Henry has commented on the current situation of Lionel Messi, who is still goalless in the league, at PSG and has made coach Mauricio Pochettino responsible for this.

“He’s isolated, he barely touches the ball,” Henry told the French TV broadcaster RMC Sport: “I wouldn’t say he’s sad, but he’s left out.”

Henry: Pochettino’s system was the reason for Messi’s lack of penetration

The former world-class striker also blamed coach Pochettino, who, in the 44-year-old’s opinion, will not let Messi play in his flagship position.

“I prefer Messi in the center,” said Henry. “He can give the game his rhythm.” Messi has played on the right wing in two of the four league games the Argentine has played for PSG so far.

Henry: PSG are not designed for Messi, they are also for Mbappe

“At the moment the team is geared towards Kylian Mbappe,” concluded Henry: “It’s Kylian who can shine in it, the ball runs over him.” In general, there are too many leading actors at PSG in Neymar, Messi and Mbappe, actually there could only be one puller.

To date, La Pulga has not scored a goal in Ligue 1, while he scored three goals in the Champions League as a right winger. Mbappe, on the other hand, has already played 14 goals in 14 competitive games.