Lionel Messi set these sometimes crazy conditions for the Barça extension

Lionel Messi left Barça last year – Photo: / Getty Images

Lionel Messi had to leave FC Barcelona last year because the club obviously failed to complete the contract extension with the superstar in time. Now the public is getting what La Pulga demanded for his whereabouts.

The pictures went around the world: During his last press conference, which Lionel Messi held on behalf of FC Barcelona, ​​tears were the constant companion of the exceptional player. After all, he himself never expected to have to leave Barça at some point.

The second largest Spanish daily newspaper El Mundo now wants to know what conditions Messi made in 2020 to extend his contract. First of all, he demanded to get a new contract for three more years until 2023.

Privatloge mit Luis Suarez

A private box at Camp Nou for his family and Luis Suarez’s was also reportedly part of the demands. Just like ten million euros signature bonus. Messi wanted the release clause, which is mandatory in Spain, not to be set at an astronomical level as usual, but only to be set at a symbolic value.

That was far from it. Messi would have liked to have the wage cuts during the corona pandemic reimbursed at an interest rate of three percent. He also asked for a private jet paid for by the club to be made available to him for Christmas and for Barça to cover any additional costs in the event of a tax increase.

Commission for brother

Moreover, Pepe Costa, Messi’s personal assistant, should be allowed to continue with his job. Brother Rodrigo was also to receive a commission for signing the contract. At the time, he was still an advisor to Barça high-flyer Ansu Fati.

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In the club management floor, everyone agreed on almost all points and agreed to them. However, Barça did not want to accept that the release clause would be removed. Likewise, the Catalans didn’t agree to pay €10m in signing bonus. The Messi camp then broke off the negotiations.

About a year later, when Joan Laporta had just been elected President, there was another exchange. However, Barça again refused to accept the terms.

Sources used: El Mundo