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Lionel Messi, the world soccer star of the last ten years together with the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, had a personal duel with the goalkeeper David ospina which ended in favor of the Colombian.

The Barcelona player showed, on his return to Barranquilla after ten years, that, at 33 years old, he still has a lot of the talent that has made him figure.
In the first half, Messi was not so decisive, but he was very active looking for his teammates. The operation that Colombia tried to stop the ’10’ and the rest of the Argentine attack exploded in eight minutes …

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It had no impact on either of the two goals. In the first, he threatened to collect the free kick from the side, but the one who lifted the ball to put it on Cristian Romero’s head was Rodrigo de Paul. And in the second he had a small failure when playing back. Fortunately, the ball was left to a teammate of his.

But although he was not in the goal actions, Messi asked for the ball and led his team towards Ospina’s goal, as when he put a beautiful filtered pass to Lautaro Acosta, who finished crossed and demanded the goalkeeper David Ospina. Then he had a free kick collection that was very located, but not with such power, which allowed the Colombian goalkeeper to shine.

Messi also showed his weight in the team by taking the lead and following up on the injury of goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez, whom he constantly encouraged.

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Already in the second half, in which Colombia started with a lot of momentum, which was enough for the discount, Messi, like the rest of the Argentine team, ended up a bit surprised, which made the Albicelestes go back a bit to try to control the game near your goal, wait and counterattack.

And there the ’10’ turned out to be an important figure, not only as a passer, but also with two heads-up shots in which Ospina was essential for Argentina not to increase the advantage.

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Again, Argentina is missing important points, but remains undefeated in the tie. And Messi, the most valuable player in the team led by Lionel Scaloni, is not without importance.




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