Liquid BLT, Workers Get Rp. 1 Million and MSMEs Rp. 600,000 : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Workers and MSMEs will get BLT. Workers get a salary subsidy of IDR 1 million BLT, while MSMEs get a MSME BLT or BPUM of IDR 600,000.

The salary subsidy BLT targets 8.8 million workers in Indonesia with a total budget of Rp. 8.8 trillion. One of the conditions for the recipient of the salary subsidy BLT is a wage below IDR 3.5 million.

Meanwhile, the IDR 600,000 BLT UMKM will target 12 million business actors.

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Currently, the salary subsidy BLT and MSME BLT are still in the process of being disbursed. These two BLTs are assistance that the government has disbursed after previously ending in 2021.

MSME BLT Disbursement Process

According to the Deputy for Micro Business at the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Eddy Satria, his party is still waiting for the development of the budget to disburse BLT for MSMEs.

“We are also waiting for the development of the budget,” said Eddy Okayzone in Jakarta.

Previously, Eddy Satria also mentioned that the disbursement of the MSME BLT was carried out after Lebaran or in the second semester of 2022.

“Semester II-2022, after Lebaran new process,” he said.

Process for Disbursement of Salary Subsidy BLT

Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah explained that currently the Ministry of Manpower is preparing policy instruments for implementing the 2022 Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU) and ensuring that the BSU program can be run quickly, precisely, accurately and accountably.

“I ask for prayers and support from all of you so that this program can run smoothly and provide great benefits for workers and the nation’s economy,” said Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah in Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Ministry of Manpower Anwar Sanusi said that currently the distribution of the salary subsidy BLT or BSU is still being finalized, both in terms of recipient data and the distribution process.

“If everything is ready, we will distribute it immediately. When the regulations and data on prospective recipients are finished, they will be distributed immediately,” said Anwar to Okayzone in Jakarta.