L'Is in the hard


the Evening difficult in the East where the AS Sainte-Suzanne and the OCSA Leopards are fallen in front of the residents of the floor below.

AS PORPOISES – AS SAINT-LOUIS : 0-3 – Without Christopher Pythia and the new defender of the franco-malagasy Michael but with Frédéric Brass back, the Greens have dominated the Saint-Leusiens last night at Piton. Anthony Visnelda finished the job after a nice double from Anthony Palany. “The group is good, it work, we advance”, has enjoyed Olivier Imanatche, the coach of saint-louisien.

AS SAINT-PHILIPPE (R2) – AS EXCELSIOR : 0-6 – Three weeks after a first confrontation, Saint-Philippois and Saint-Joséphois parted ways on the same score last night in Mandanne-Turpin. The Tangos, to the full, have scored three goals in each half. The doubling of Henri-Charles Gladyson was added to the achievement of Richard Gigan during the first act. After the break, Gilles Mussard-Demars on the penalty spot, William Mounoussamy and Walid Chenine were the other goalscorers. “Everyone has worked well for 45 minutes, this is what we need to remember,” stressed Dominique Veilex, the coach of saint-joséphois.

SAINT-DENIS FC – ACF SAINT-LEUSIEN (R2) : 2-0 – Jimmy Simouri and the revelation Toufely Bacari enter the game twenty minutes from the end, made the difference “against an opponent well in place that has impressed me technically, said Farid Bensalem, coach dionysien. It was nonetheless the master’s degree, and a lot of clear cut opportunities which the lack of success can be explained by the lack of freshness as we approach the end of the preparation.” The evening was marked by the first “interesting” defender Anthony Beard, arrived from the TA Rennes (N3). “It does not take aim, that is positive,” said Bensalem.

JS SAINT-PIERROISE – ETOILE DU SUD (R2) : 4-0 – Without several of its executives (Fountain, Boesso, Fabrice, Talhaoui, Love, Sedera, Mamy and Souéfou Ali among others), the triple champion has done honor to his status in Montvert-les-Hauts. Farid Hazem took the opportunity to clearly distinguish between the two realizations of all beauty. Ricardo Sophie scored from the penalty spot, and a young, evolving most of the time in promo, a full-bodied addition.

AS CAPRICORN – ES ETANG-SALÉ (R2) : 3-2 – The first appearance of the rookie flagship of the offseason has made his first steps last night at the Ravine of Cabris. Damien Plessis has played a good half-hour. “It is still not at the top physically, but he did speak on his athletic presence, his vision of the game, and his left leg”, stressed Patrice Ségura.
Adrien Lecomte has also made his comeback. “There has been so much encouraging to set. This is normal since we are in the preparation.” Steven Morel twice, and Vincent Acapandié were the goal scorers. Only downside, the drive of the Line Paradise in the wake of this, has shortened by a quarter of an hour the party. “We are disappointed because we lack the work with the ball, but we understand, these are the uncertainties due to the lack of installation at the Meeting.”

AS STE-SUZANNE – AJS ST-DENIS (R2) : 3-4 – The surprise of the evening is a signed promoted to the R2. Led 3-1 at the break after the achievements of Jonas Payet, Ludovic Grondin and Gaëtan Nitram, Dionysiens inflicted a crushing 3-0 defeat to Saint-Suzannois in the second period. A bankruptcy due to the exit of the frames, ” says Jean-Maurice Claude, the technician of the ASSS that was made up yesterday evening to the French Quarter without Christopher Ferrère, Anthony Mansard, Yvan Arive, Rudy Pounoussamy and François Arlanda. Those who have played the second period should make efforts to put itself at the level of the usual holders.”

AS Britain (R2) – OCSA Léopards : 4-1 – After the 4-0 conceded in Sainte-Marie, Saint-Andréens that greeted yesterday evening the ex-Portois Sylvain Morney, again conceding four goals to Britain. Thomas Loricourt, Garry Soreya, Ali Hamadi and Yoann Moultanin on penalty kicks were the architects of the success dionysien.

US SAINTE-MARIENNE – THREE-BASINS CF (R2) : 5-0 – Two teams lined up, one each half, to two success in the end. 1-0 in the first, Yoann Guichard scored on a corner kick. 4-0 after the break with doubled Andy Sophie and Moudhoihir Ben Yahaya. The evening was marked by the presence of Dorian Tréport in the starting eleven. “Even if he had not yet trained with us, we wanted to see input,” says Fred the Bachelor’s degree. It will be tested until Saturday.”

AF SAINT-LOUIS – TAMPONNAISE : 0-3 – New success for the training of Jean-Pierre Bade after the 4-0 last Saturday against the Saint-Pauloise. In the Face of the AF which has aligned a team as the curtain rises and another after, Loïc Rivière, Anthony Baronne and scc have led to debates.

AJ PETITE-ÎLE – CO ST-PIERRE (R2) : NON-PLAYED – Not match, not goal scorer but the anger continued to fake-bond of the Cosp. “It’s a lack of education and politeness, took Christophe Desbouillon. The slightest things would have been to notify us so that we can find another opponent. It’s borderline insulting to the AJPI and a total lack of respect for the umpires of a league that moved. There are three opportunities for you to meet this team this season : I’ve already made my chat which will be this Wednesday, February 28th.”

AS JOAN Of ARC – AFC drop-in (R2,) – This is tonight at 19 hours at the stadium Lambrakis Port.

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