List of 10 Richest People in Indonesia Latest 2022


List 10 richest people in Indonesia is continuously updated by Forbes. Through the Forbes Real Time Billionair report, every time Forbes records any changes in the amount of assets in all of Indonesia’s crazy rich.

The total wealth of the people on this list is usually updated by Forbes every 5 minutes when the respective stock markets open (there will be a 15 minute delay for stock prices).

Individuals whose wealth is significantly linked to private companies will have their net worth updated once a day.

In cases where a person owns a stake in a private company that accounts for 20% or more of his net worth, the value of the company will be adjusted according to the industry or region-specific market index provided by Forbes partners.

Therefore, the value of assets owned by the crazy rich who are included in this list is always changing. However, in Indonesia itself there are a series of names of the richest conglomerates that have long been able to occupy their “throne”.

For example, the Hartono brothers from the Djarum Group who still occupy the top of the richest people in Indonesia, according to Forbes, to date. It’s been 14 years in a row or since 2008 no one has been able to shift his position.

Reported from Forbes, Friday (13/5/2022), Budi Hartono’s real-time wealth reached US$ 21.5 billion or equivalent to Rp. 313.9 trillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,600). The second position is occupied by Michael Hartono with a wealth of US $ 20.7 billion or Rp. 302.22 trillion.

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The third position is currently occupied by the Chairman & Founder of CT Corp Chairul Tanjung. His current net worth is US$ 7.5 billion or Rp. 109.5 trillion.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the crazy rich name Eddy Kusnadi Sariaatmadja was kicked out of the list of the 10 richest people in Indonesia and replaced by Djoko Susanto. Currently, Eddy Kusnadi Sariaatmadja is in 11th position and Djoko Susanto is in the top 10.

So who are the richest real crazy rich in Indonesia? The following is a list of the richest people in Indonesia today and their sources of wealth:

10 Richest People in Indonesia

1. R Budi Hartono

US$ US$ 21.5 billion or Rp 313.9 trillion

2. Michael Hartono

US$ 20.4 billion or Rp 302.22 trillion

3. Chairul Tanjung

US$ 7.5 billion or Rp 109.5 trillion

4. Sri Prakash Lohia

US$ 6.6 billion or Rp 96.36 trillion

5. Prajogo Pangestu

US$ 5.4 billion or Rp 78.84 trillion

6. Low Tuck Kwong

US$ 4.3 billion or Rp 62.78 trillion

7. Theodore P Rachmat

US$ 3.3 billion or Rp 48.18 trillion

8. Wijono & Hermanto Tanoko

US$ 3.1 billion or Rp 45.26 trillion

9. Martua Sitorus

US$ 2.7 billion or Rp 39.41 trillion

10. Djoko Susanto

US$ 2.6 billion or Rp 37.96 trillion

Here’s the list 10 richest people in Indonesia. It should be noted, this list is realtime, which means it can change at any time.

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