List of 13th Recipients and Salaries Starting July 2022 All – The Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) will disburse the 13th salary for Civil Servants (PNS) or State Civil Apparatuses (ASN) in early July 2022.

The Director of Budget Execution at the Directorate General of Treasury (DJPb) of the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) Tri Budhianto revealed that his party is currently accelerating the process of paying the 13th salary.

“The disbursement process is set to be faster starting June 23 as part of the DJPb service and is a strategy so that there are no obstacles to disbursing funds on July 1,” he said, quoted from Happy (21/6/2022).

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Thus, DJPb hopes that by July 1, 2022, most of the work units (satker) will have been able to pay their 13th salary.

The process for submitting a Payment Order (SPM) can already be done after the salary reconciliation process or starting on June 24. However, the payments began to be given on July 1.

For the satker who submits the disbursement after July 1, DJPb will still serve and pay the 13th salary.

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Allocation of the 13th salary fund Rifka Sri Rahayu Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati when announcing the composition of THR and the 13th salary for ASN and retirees in 2022 in a virtual press statement, Saturday (16/4/2022).

Furthermore, Tri said that the Ministry of Finance had prepared a budget for the 13th salary of around Rp. 35.5 trillion.

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The amount of the budget increased by around Rp. 5.3 trillion or Rp. 30.2 trillion compared to last year.

These funds will later be distributed to civil servants at the central, regional and retired levels.

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It is estimated that the allocation of funds for civil servants at the central level through Ministries/Institutions (K/L) is Rp. 11.5 trillion.

Meanwhile, the allocation of funds through the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) belonging to the regional government is Rp. 15 trillion for civil servants in the regions.

For retirees, the allocation of the State General Treasurer (BUN) is Rp 9 trillion.

The quota for kw-13 salary recipients is confirmed to be the same as THR recipients, namely to 8.8 million recipients consisting of 1.8 million ASN at the central level, 3.7 million regional ASN, and 3.3 million retirees.

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Shutterstock Illustration, the government ensures that the 13th salary and THR of civil servants in 2022 will be disbursed in the near future

Reporting from (4/6/2022), the 13th salary is an additional salary given to ASN, which includes civil servants and members of the TNI/Polri to retirees.

Based on the Minister of Finance Regulation Number 75/PMK.05/2022, the following is a list of the 13th salary recipients:

  • Civil Servants (PNS)
  • Government Employees with Work Agreements (PPPK)
  • Indonesian National Army Soldier (TNI)
  • Member of the Indonesian National Police (Polri)
  • State office
  • Retired
  • Pension recipient
  • Beneficiary.

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The 13th salary will be the same as the Hari Raya Allowance (THR) which was given some time ago.

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The 13th salary component consists of basic salary, attached allowances, and 50 percent performance allowance.

The following is a list of the basic salaries of civil servants based on their groups which are one of the components of the 13th salary:

Civil Servants Class I:

  • He: IDR 1,560,800 – IDR 2,335,800
  • Ib: IDR 1,704,500 – IDR 2,472,900
  • Ic: IDR 1,776,600 – IDR 2,577,500
  • ID: IDR 1,851,800 – IDR 2,686,500

Civil Servants Class II:

  • IIa: IDR 2,022,200 – IDR 3,373,600
  • Ib: IDR 2,208,400 – IDR 3,516,300
  • IIc: IDR 2,301,800 – IDR 3,665,000
  • IId: IDR 2,399,200 – IDR 3,820,000
  • Civil Servants Class III:

  • IIIa: IDR 2,579,400 – IDR 4,236,400
  • IIIb: IDR 2,688,500 – IDR 4,415,600
  • IIIc: IDR 2,802,300 – IDR 4,602,400
  • IIId: IDR 2,920,800 – IDR 4,797,000

Civil Servants Class IV:

  • IVa: IDR 3,044,300 – IDR 5,000,000
  • Vb: IDR 3,173,100 – IDR 5,211,500
  • IVc: IDR 3,307,300 – IDR 5,431,900
  • IVd: IDR 3,447,200 – IDR 5,661,700
  • IVe: IDR 3,593,100 – IDR 5,901,200.

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THR and 13th Salary for Non-ASN Employees in Government Agencies

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