List of Countries with Highest Divorce Rate, Maldives Ranked #1


Tomoharu (left) and Miki Saito use hammers to shatter their wedding rings to symbolize the end of their 13-year marriage during their divorce ceremony in Tokyo July 3, 2011, the day before officially filing for divorce. Photo/R

MALE Marriage is a process of binding sacred sacred promises between the two partners as well as a noble and holy form of worship.

Marriage should not be done haphazardly because it is the longest form of worship and can be kept until death do them part.

But in life sometimes some things that are planned can’t go according to plan, including marriage. Events such as divorce are not uncommon.

Communication problems, economics to lifestyle are the causes of divorces that often occur, especially the following 5 countries which have divorce rates that are not exactly small.

What country is it? Reporting from the world population review, here is a list of countries with the highest divorce rates:

1. Maldives (5.52 Divorce of 1000 People)

2. Kazakhstan (4.6 Divorce out of 1000 People)

3. Russia (3.9 Divorce out of 1000 People)

4. Belarus (3.7 Divorce out of 1000 People)

5. Belgium (3.7 Divorce out of 1000 People)