List of Diseases ‘Troubleshooter’ of BPJS Health


The Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, revealed three diseases that caused the shortage of BPJS Kesehatan funding. Seeing this condition, the Indonesian Ministry of Health will restructure the hospital.

In his explanation, Minister of Health Budi said the restructuring was aimed at improving services to the community.

“Especially for diseases whose burden of disease causes the highest costs, namely heart disease, stroke, and cancer,” said Indonesian Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin in a press statement on the YouTube account of the Presidential Secretariat, Thursday (1/12/2022).



So far, the largest BPJS Health financing for diseases is in:

  • Heart disease: IDR 10.3 trillion
  • Cancer: IDR 2.8 trillion
  • Stroke: IDR 2.5 trillion
  • Kidney failure: IDR 2.3 trillion
  • Thalassemia: IDR 109.2 billion

In addition, Minister of Health Budi also explained other things that are priority budgets for the Indonesian Ministry of Health. If previously it was prioritized for handling the COVID-19 pandemic, now it has shifted to improving health services to the community.

“The priority has shifted from handling the pandemic, now it’s back to focusing on improving the quality of community services, the focus is on primary service number one,” said the Minister of Health.

“So we will allocate sufficient budget for the revitalization of the puskesmas, posyandu, then promotive (and) preventive programs. It is one of our priorities to keep our community healthy, not to treat sick people,” he concluded.

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