List of the Republic on the legislation : the wrath of François Bayrou

List of the Republic on the legislation : the wrath of François Bayrou

Four days after the election of Emmanuel Macron, the alliances are shaken. The president of MoDem, François Bayrou, has been strongly hampered by the presentation of the list of The Republic on (LRM) for the legislative, Thursday, may 11. In fact, 35 candidates of the MoDem have been invested, instead of the 120 promised, reports Obs.

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According to the mayor of Pau, an agreement provided for about a quarter of the constituencies for the MoDem, and the three-quarters remaining for the candidates to Walk ! A proportion that would be for François Bayrou “ the weight of the contribution he himself has supplied [Emmanuel Macron] during his election campaign ,” writes the magazine. the ” When I brought him my support, it was 18 %. We did elect “, says the elected, which does not, therefore, ” consent “ of his party to these nominations.

The list of LRM would have been amended at the occasion of a meeting of the ” board of directors “, Thursday morning. Very rebounded after the discovery, François Bayrou has expressed his remonstrances to the secretary general of the party, Richard Ferrand, considering that the elected president will need to “ change software “.

” The candidates embossing tools of the Socialist Party “

in Addition to the under-representation of his party, the president of the MoDem deplores the over-representation of the socialist Party (PS). “It is a recycling of the socialist Party. The great washing machine. I’m not going to let him do it “, says Obs. He accused then the party of the new president to have invested ” the candidates embossing tools for the PS “, including former ministers of François Hollande.

In Obs, he does not hesitate to warn Emmanuel Macron : if it is ” in the era of post-modernism and the post-truth “, there was ” not in your interest to be in the post-professionalism “.

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not wanting to pass up this humiliation, he summoned the political bureau of the MoDem on Friday night, ” wishing that in the coming hours, a movement of reason allows of the investitures common in all the districts, as Emmanuel Macron and I have agreed since the first day of our agreement. “

” there is no crisis “

During his press conference, Richard Ferrand was rejected, Thursday afternoon, while ” agreement device “ with the MoDem. the ” All the candidates who wish to register in our approach have had to go through the commission investiture “ has-t-he recalled. the ” power up ! and the MoDem have presented profiles of candidates, and each time it is the best in the eyes of the national commission of the investiture that has been retained “, has added the deputy of Finistère.

” there is no crisis “, has attempted to be cleared Christophe Castaner, one of the members of the close circle of Emmanuel Macron, on Thursday night on BFMTV. the ” there are tensions, we need a sunrise, I’m not worried at all, “ he added, providing :

” We have taken note of the wish of François Bayrou to continue the discussion and we’ll continue. The importance of François Bayrou alongside Emmanuel Macron is essential, it is for this reason that it is necessary to find areas of agreement. “

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