Listen – finally, with the first self-composed song, the positively energetic group “Gentlemen’s Twine” presents itself

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The sound of the song is characterized by a love for live music, experience and confidence, which has been developed over several decades, performing popular cover versions of Latvian and foreign groups.

The members of the group tell about the song: “This challenging time of the pandemic affected everyone, but in any case, it also brought us something positive – so to speak, we came out different. We were finally able to stop, think and work creatively. It sounds unbelievable, but for us it was a calm, creative and fantastic time together, despite the fact that all the spring and most of the summer concerts were canceled. Undoubtedly, this has also affected the overall mood of the song, knowing that spring is our favorite season, so no matter what it brought this year, we are already waiting for it and starting to long for it. “

The group “Gentlemen’s Twine” has been operating since 2013, but the origins of the musical association can be traced back to 1998. Since the school years, the association has been performed in cover versions of popular Latvian and foreign groups in various public events. The members of the group have been old friends since early childhood – Niks Jaunzems (vocals, guitar), Valts Jakubovičs (guitar), Jurģis Priedītis (bass), Artis Ābele (drums).

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