Listen! Liepāja group ‘DivDiv’ publishes a new single and video clip

Liepāja music group “DivDiv” is releasing a new single and video clip “Apvārdots”, which is currently available on music streaming services, as well as on the platform “Youtube”.


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According to the members of the group, the origins of “DivDiv” can be traced back to 2015, when the original song for the performance “I am Liepaja” was created and the search for a common language in music began. The day-to-day creative activities of the members of the association are other collectives in both academic and popular music, as well as activities in the field of music industry. Therefore, since 2015, the band has been releasing one or two pieces a year with an enviable regularity, which is a creative and unifying alternative for musical like-minded people with completely different twists and turns in their daily lives.

The year 2020 was no exception either, and on July 29, a recording and video for the song “Apvārdots” was made. The message of the song “Entitled” is about the age-old and inexhaustible theme – Her and His relationship.

Guitarist Dainis Melņiks, singer Justs Markuševskis, guitarist Roberts Dinters, bassist Mārtiņš Zālīte, percussionist Ēriks Hanzovskis and keyboardist Jānis Straume play in the group “DivDiv”. All of these musicians have also participated in the recording of the song and the creation of the video.

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