Listen – Markus Riva offers a new song

Despite the name, the single’s message, characteristic of Mark, is optimistic and hopeful – no tears are destined to last forever. The song was made in collaboration with Ukrainian composer Igor Tatarenko, filming for a TV show in Kiev, and is another newsletter for the upcoming Riva album in Latvian.

“I really hope that very soon all the songs will be in one whole and this year we will release a conceptual album in Latvian”, the artist is hopeful.

As usual, autumn is a very busy time for Markum – in September the ambitious musical talent show “X Factor” returned to TV screens, and the musician can also be seen on blue screens in Russia and Ukraine – there he participated in the filming of the popular British format “All Together Now”. However, as the artist himself emphasizes, his musical intentions are still in the first place and he, like the whole cultural industry, is waiting for a return to an active concert life.

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