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Listen to Ariana Grande coming to the stations with her new song "Thank U, Next"

Ariana Grande delivers a slim message to her exes about the singer's surprising new single, "Thank U, Next", just moments before the final episode of Saturday night live aired on the east coast.

Grande opens the song by naming four of her high profile friends – Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Mac Miller, and most recently Pete Davidson – to provide a quick and sometimes devastating overview of each relationship.

"I thought I ended up with Sean in the end, but he was not a match, I wrote some songs about Ricky, now I listen and laugh," Grande sings. "Almost married / And I'm so thankful for Pete / I wish I could thank Malcolm because he was an angel."

Grande continues: "One taught me love / one taught me patience / and one taught me pain / now I'm so incredible" before he unraveled the hook with a winking refrain, "Thanks, continued / I'm so damn grateful for mine Ex. "

Grande before bullied "Thank U, Next," the song (and possibly an album) on social media on Saturday, after mentioning the phrase in a long-stripped tweet where Davidson had the problem SNL Platform to make fun of yourself and your former relationship.

"For someone who claims to hate relevance, one is sure to cling to him," tweeted Grande on Thursday after a SNL The commercial was aired when Davidson jokingly suggested musical guest Maggie Rogers a suggestion for his self-reliance on Grande. "Thank you, next."

Although "Thank U, Next" seems to be a not so veiled shot on Davidson – the actor allegedly had a whole hand SNL Grande sketch, which was cut from the last episode, which is the single of theSNL Arrival – the singer twittered from her new song, "No dragging …" no shadow … love, gratitude, acceptance, honesty, forgiveness … and growth. "

Davidson briefly touched his and Grande's breakup to end his appearance SNLWeekend Update. "I know some of you are curious about the split, but the truth is sometimes things just do not work and that's fine. [Grande] is a wonderful, strong person and I sincerely wish her all the luck in the world, "said Davidson. "Well please, go to the poll on Tuesday."


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