Listen! Young musician JL Kalmann offers single ‘Don’t Stop’

At the beginning of October, a new “Don’t Stop” by singer and musician JL Kalmann was published on the widest streaming platforms; on October 27, a video of this single was released.

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Musician JL Kalmann or Jēkabs Ludvigs Kalmanis was once known by the stage name The Ludvig, gained a lot of attention in 2017, when he became the youngest participant of the “Supernova” competition and reached the Latvian selection final, winning second place with the composition “I’m in Love with You “, however, ceased to be active in the music industry shortly after.

The musician himself says: “At the age of 18, I” lost “- I recklessly said” yes “to many, including drugs, which led to my expulsion from the Riga Dome Choir School, and for some time I was almost homeless; my father… These reasons served as a basis for a longer break in the public environment. “

“Of course, at that time I was happy with the positive feedback from the Latvian music industry and many hearings, but I had not found my sound and realized my vision of myself as an artist… But it seems to me that now I have found both my musical direction myself!”

Already in November and December, the musician will release the next singles, while in the first quarter of 2022, the musician’s first “Mix Tape” is expected, which will consist of six original songs and three arrangements of songs by other artists.

The song “Don’t Stop” was produced by Rolands Priverts and Jēkabs Ludvigs Kalmanis, while the mastering was taken care of by the world-renowned Mike Marsh, who has previously worked with artists such as “The Weekend”, Calvin Harris, Riana and others. The author of the music video is “Roadchanger” or Emīls Ašmanis.

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