Lithuanians are most fascinated by German cars

Lithuanian residents prefer German cars when choosing a vehicle, according to a survey of residents. Experts note that the popularity of cars made in Germany is determined by quality, durability and economy. In addition, ecological criteria are becoming increasingly important when choosing a vehicle.

The popularity is maintained by the same brands

A month-long survey of the population’s preferences when choosing cars revealed that German-made cars remain the most popular in Lithuania. A survey of 839 people found that Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota and Volvo are in the top five.

“The results of the study actually coincide with customer choices in our practice. Customers are usually interested in and buy Audi and BMW cars. Car brands of interest to customers have been stable for many years, but when manufacturers offer new car models, they are also interested in customers, ”says Laura Pivorienė, Sales Manager at Mogo Finance, a long-term car rental, car leasing or loan company.

L. Pivorienė states that Volkswagen is the leader among the most frequently purchased cars, the most popular models of which are the Volkswagen Passat and Volkswagen Touran. The Audi A6 and Audi A4 and Volvo V70 models were also named as the most popular by the respondents.

“In the field of rent, the situation is very similar. Number one is always a Volkswagen brand car, but customers also often want to rent Audi, BMW, Toyota cars. Those tendencies are also reflected in the survey results, ”says L. Pivorienė.

German cars entice with quality

The popularity of German cars in Lithuania shows that when buying cars, Lithuanians try to combine quality and car design attractiveness.

“German cars are famous for their durability and quality, so they are long-lasting and require less investment in car repairs. French, Italian and Japanese cars are also viewed positively by drivers, but when deciding to buy a car, Germans still dominate, ”says L. Pivorienė.

The interviewee emphasizes that the most important thing for buyers is quality, relatively low price of the car and maintenance costs, and they do not need to stand out from the crowd, to express a unique style in the car. Lithuanian car buyers are often also interested in the issue of safety, especially those looking for a family with children, so it is not surprising that the safety of Swedish Volvo cars stands out for their safety.

Ecology is becoming increasingly important

True, modern customers are not only looking for durable and high-quality cars, but also attach great importance to ecology. Conservation is becoming a sign of awareness, so polluting cars are losing demand and buyers are interested in new technologies that ensure less environmental damage from transport. It is true that drivers are also encouraged to buy less polluting cars by calculating taxes.

“Old polluting diesel cars are gradually losing demand. Electric cars or hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular, because ecology and environmentally friendly vehicles are becoming important for people. In addition, these are new, modern, contemporary models that attract the eye with an attractive design, so it is expected that in the long run, drivers will like them more and more, ”says L. Pivorienė.