Lithuanians can already stay in real estate rental projects that they invest in: What about timeshare?

Head of InRento Gustas Germanaviius.

With the growing interest in real estate (real estate) leasing projects, there is an opportunity not only to work for your money, but also to get other benefits. One such benefit is the timeshare or the opportunity to stay in the real estate where the man invested. Where is the impact of this service, what should be done about timeshare projects and what prospects do market experts predict for it?

The Timeshare model has been operating for some time in Yesterday in Europe and the USA, where Mons Danes are investing, for example, in large real estate vacation projects and themselves staying once or several times a year, says Gustas Germanaviius, head of the crowdfunding leasing projects platform.

In short, Timeshare has access to part of the property. For example, this could be a real estate, where the man acquired it together with other companies or an investment in real estate, which, in addition to financial benefits, provides an opportunity to use it, says G. Germanaviius.

Opportunity to reap your investment

According to the complainant, last year the customers of the InRento platform had the opportunity to be the first in Lithuania to invest in timeshare with a real estate rental project in Spain.

Depending on the amount invested by the mogus, he will be able to spend the appropriate number of nights during the season and off-season in the homes he has invested through the crowdfunding platform. poor, in order to take advantage of timeshare, the project needs to invest at least 5 thousand. eur.

One of the main areas of financing is short-term rentals and hotels. By offering timeshare projects to clients, we provide mutual benefits to both investing companies and project owners. Money-making companies see that their investment is tangible, and project owners are getting extra attention. The service provides an opportunity not only to achieve financial benefits by investing online, but also to gain the opportunity to stay in the real estate where you have invested in return for good emotions, says G. Germanaviius.

He financed projects in Lithuania instantly

This year, the InRento platform offers the opportunity to work on money projects with the possibility to stay in them abroad, but in Palanga and Birai, Lithuania.

Palanga still remains one of the most popular resorts in the country, attracting thousands of Lithuanians every year. At the same time, Birai is gaining more and more momentum among Lithuanian tourist cities, as is the whole of northern Lithuania, with its unique nature and more and more entertainment and opportunities. Projects in both Palanga and Birai were funded extremely quickly in just a few days. Therefore, although real estate lease projects and attractive financial conditions are in demand, the timeshare service has undoubtedly contributed to its success, says G. Germanaviius.

Timeshare offers will inevitably grow

G. Germanaviius emphasizes that although today InRento is the only platform for concentrated investment real estate rental projects in Lithuania, looking to stay in a house or apartment where money is employed, in the near future timeshare will continue to grow in the market.

It is understood that if the service is not useful to everyone, more companies will start to offer it over time. Of course, in the future we are planning to offer more similar projects in more and more different areas of Lithuania and abroad, says G. Germanaviius.

About InRento

InRento from 2020 operating, the first and largest licensed platform for real estate leasing projects in the European Union. The start-up will open the possibility to receive income from the real estate rental project by investing from 500 euros and will not be able to find tenants or manage the property. InRent’s activities are licensed and approved by the Bank of Lithuania.

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