Little G, former X-Faktor mentor: “Andi Tóth should not sit on the jury”

Gábor Szűcs, stage name Little G Weevil, became really popular in Hungary in 2014, after replacing Péter Geszti among the X-Faktor mentors. Many people may not even know that he is a globally recognized blues musician who has several international awards and records behind him. Perhaps that is why his recent announcement that he will release his last album in the summer was surprising. Why did you decide to stop?
Little G Weevil: This is not a sudden decision. In fact, I’ve been planning for years that when I feel that I’ve said enough and played enough, I’ll nicely frame what I’ve done so far and put the finishing touches on the i with one last record. So was this a planned thing?Little
G Weevil:
For my part, yes. I have published eight records, which means about seventy of my own compositions. I feel that a person does not have to follow the same path for the rest of his life, but when he feels that he has said enough with his work or music, then like a book, it should be finished nicely. Regardless of this, you will not stop playing music?
Little G Weevil:
No, not at all. I would imagine the next couple of years with a band actively performing concerts worldwide, and the repertoire would obviously consist of already recorded own songs. These must be perfected live. According to the plans, the new album will be released at the end of July. In 2014, he appeared in the X-Factor as a mentor. What do you think about today’s talent shows?
Little G Weevil:
The truth is that I don’t follow the Hungarian media very much, but X-Faktor is an entertaining show. As the years go by, so do the viewers. The current concept is aimed at younger people. These talent scouts are good at helping you start your musical career, which is very difficult both at home and abroad. A lot of people create some kind of music, so you have to take advantage of every opportunity to jump out. If I were a teenager, I would also apply as a competitor.

With Juli Horányi, she marched all the way to the final in X-Faktor (Photo: Olajos Piroska/ If the channel asked you to be a member of the jury again, would you accept?
Little G Weevil:
Of course. I have absolutely no problem with that. Let’s say, a real musician, artist who wants to be taken seriously on stage, doesn’t act stupid on TV like an ovis. This is still far from me, even at the time I accepted the role because I really liked the professional part of the task. I worked with the competitors every day. I don’t know how the others did it. When it comes to X-Faktor, the question is inevitable. What do you think about former competitor Andi Tóth’s decision to quit singing?
Little G Weevil: Sorry to hear, I hope this decision is not final. In 2019, after I came home from America, I sat down with him for a conversation. When a couple of businessmen asked my opinion on who in Hungary is worthy of an international level in the pop/rock genre, I immediately decided that it was Andi Tóth. He has what it takes to become an international star. Of course, he still has a lot of work to do, but it’s very clear that he wants to, and wants more than the comfortable middle level. He should not be sitting on a jury, but releasing records on the international palette and filling arenas. Whatever he touches, there is always a thousand percent in it, you can feel it, understand it, you just have to notice it. It is strange that while the country’s “smart people” dream of a Hungarian pop star, they invest neither expertise nor money in it. No wonder talents get tired or leave the country. I really hope that Andi does not end his career with celebrity and judging, but returns to a musical environment worthy of him.

Featured image: Olajos Piroska/