Little Mustapha gets an additional 8 years in prison for a dozen robberies committed last summer… in just 10 days!

The “little Mustapha” is now 42 years old, more than half of whom have spent behind bars. It must be said that the guy was “in a hurry”. From the age of 10, he went on a string of crimes of all kinds: bag snatching, rape, theft… He was barely 12 when he was imprisoned for the first time.

Last summer, barely two months after his release by the sentence enforcement court, it was a series of robberies that “brought him back” to prison. Mustapha Riffi had been intercepted after a chase in the streets of Charleroi. He had crushed the mushroom, driving at more than 160 km / h.

➜ Under the passenger seat, here is what the police had discovered.