Liu He at the WEF: China is back

They are visibly happy to be back: in Davos, high-ranking Chinese government and business representatives are promising a pragmatic economic policy and are campaigning for foreign cooperation. However, many in the West are taking a more critical view of China due to the geopolitical risk, but a comprehensive decoupling is not likely to occur.

The opening of China will also have noticeable economic consequences. How is Chinese politics evolving after the sudden end of the Zero Covid policy? How ideological will it be under President Xi Jinping, and how will America and the rest of the world react? These questions concern numerous observers and investors – also at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He is attending the WEF this year to discuss China’s economic policy. The Chinese delegation is making it clear that it wants to be an active part of the world economy and to cooperate with other countries. Liu He has made it clear that China is open to international investment and cooperation, and he has promised a more open and transparent economic policy.