LIVE – Covid-19: “The worst-case scenario is receding, the decline has begun”, according to epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet


For Arnaud Fontanet, there will be no “collective immunity”, which stops all contamination and he does not exclude a sixth or seventh wave. However, he assures us, this does not mean that these waves will be more dangerous.

“This virus, it will settle, it will circulate and we will most likely have Covid epidemics in the years to come. What is very important is that with each wave, we have strengthened our immunity. And As we go, we protect ourselves from serious forms”, he explained in the morning of France Inter.

For him, therefore, the implementation of a Covid surveillance model similar to the influenza surveillance model, as Spain was able to announce last week, could be the solution. It also recommends the lifting of the current restrictive measures in mid-February.