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LIVE European Election Night 2019


Presented by Olivier Duhamel, this evening will be punctuated with discussions and debates around the results of the election. Various European speakers will be present during this debate, including Frédéric Mion, Enrico Letta, Cornelia Woll, Bruno Cautrès, Loïc Azoulai, Christian Lequesne, Marc Lazar, Jacques Rupnik … (Sciences Po); Henrik Enderlein (Hertie School of Governance Berlin); Eliška Tomalová, Michel Perottino (Charles University in Prague).

With as university partners:

  • Sciences Po Paris
  • Bocconi University in Milan
  • Central European University in Budapest
  • Charles University in Prague
  • Hertie School of Governance in Berlin
  • London School of Economics in London
  • National School of Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest
  • Stockholm School of Economics in Stockholm

(source ARTE)

>> Europeans 2019: a poll at (high) risks

EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT 2019 – Screening in seats

Source European Elections Stats. @ee_stats

In France, the Le Pen RN in the lead
in front of the formation of President Macron

The party of Marine Le Pen arrived at the top of the European elections in France, before the list gathering the party of Emmanuel Macron and the Modem. The Greens, at 13%, ahead of LR at 8%. The insubordinate France would be knee-to-elbow with the PS-Public place list around 6.5%.

European elections May 2019

The National Gathering arrived this Sunday, May 26 at the top of the European elections in France, before the alliance The Republic in progress (LREM) -Modem, with more than 24% of the votes, according to the first estimates of Ifop-Fiducial for Paris Match, CNEWS and South Radio.

The list Europe Ecology-The Greens, led by Yannick Jadot, achieved a breakthrough that the polls had not anticipated, with 13%, which puts it in third position. The Republicans, led by François-Xavier Bellamy are fourth, with 8%, at several points of the voting intentions they were credited during the campaign.

The list Socialist Party-Place public, led by Raphael Glucksmann, and that of France insubordinate (LFI), with Manon Aubry as the head of list, are elbow-to-elbow, at 6.5% and 6.3% respectively .

The other lists are below the threshold of 5% needed to have elected representatives in the European Parliament, including those of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (3.5%), Benoît Hamon (3%), Communist Ian Brossat (2.5% ) and centrist Jean-Christophe Lagarde (2.4%).

  • intervention Jordan Bardella (RN)

  • Intervention by Laurent Wauquiez (LR)

  • Speech by Yannick Jadot (Greens)

  • Intervention of Marine Le Pen (RN)

  • Intervention by Edouard Philippe (Government)

  • Intervention by Nathalie Loiseau (LREM)

(AFP sources, LCI and Reuters)

Participation rate up to more than 50% in Europe

Turnout rates for the European elections are "the highest in 20 years", with an estimate of 51% for the 27 countries of the EU, without the United Kingdom, announced Sunday the European Parliament.

The refined turnout rate including the UK could be between 49 and 52 percent, said Parliament spokesman Jaume Duch.

Strong increases of more than 10 percentage points were recorded in Spain, Hungary, Romania and Poland, according to estimates. Participation is also up in Germany and France.

(AFP source)

In Germany, the Greens double their score, behind the CDU

The German Greens doubled their score in the European Parliament elections on Sunday, coming in second behind the conservatives of the CDU / CSU in a vote marked by the collapse of the social democratic left.

With 22% of the vote, the ecologist Party is the first rival of the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Bavarian allies, who certainly finish in the lead with 28% but are down eight points compared to the European elections of 2014 .

The fall is even more severe for their partners in the government coalition, the Social Democrats of the SPD, who lose 12 points to 15.5%.

The anti-immigration alternative party for Germany (AfD, extreme right) earns for its part nearly 3.5 points but it caps at 10.5%.

(Reuters source)


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