Live from Cannes. Travolta wreaks havoc on the Croisette for 40 years of Grease.

Live from Cannes.  Travolta wreaks havoc on the Croisette for 40 years of Grease.

John Travolta came to the beach cinema last night and cheered on a restored copy of Grease on the 40th anniversary of the film.
22:00, at the Cinema de la Plage which adjoins the Palais des Festivals. From the first appearance of John Travolta on the screen, the 1500 people come to rediscover Grease , the cult film of Randal Kleiser, scream with joy and applaud frantically. The images and sound have been remastered to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the film and put the eyes and ears! At each musical sequence, the audience sings and improvises choreographies. Among them are two spectators like no other: the director of the film first and John Travolta, comfortably coiled in his deckchair. Just before the screening, the two men from the stage could only see the enormous enthusiasm that still arouses that evening. Grease . Because the Festival Beach just beat her attendance record for this 71st edition of the Festival! And to see the enthusiasm on all faces, from the octogenarian to the toddler in his stroller, we can say that Randal Kleiser’s film crosses generations but also borders. And Kleiser to maliciously specify the declination of the title according to the country: ” in Hungary, Grease is called Pommade, in Argentina it’s Brillantina and in China, Explosive Guy! So many ladies and gentlemen that John Travolta, here, is an actor who explodes everything! ” At the end of the screening, the actor willingly takes a walkabout, posing for selfies and signing on the flight some autographs. Before disappearing, seeing a group of American women disguised as Pink Ladies – the clan of the rebellious girls in the film – Travolta spontaneously rushes to greet them. And here we go again for a series of handshakes. He’s like that, John! He is here to do the show!

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