“Live longer and get better? Just do this”

When it comes to seniority, the most common reaction is resignation. Most people, in fact, see this phase of life as an inevitable condemnation that leaves no way out to physical decay, and in which the quality of one’s existence worsens in a way that is directly proportional to the body. According to Giacomo Sweepersentrepreneur from Brescia and founder of GS Loft, an exclusive counseling club for the body and mind, this is not the case.

Aging it is nothing more than the process of cell deterioration due to the increase in free radicals that occurs naturally with advancing age, and caused by social, environmental and hormonal factors. However, there are some precautions that we can exploit to our advantage, starting precisely from embracing a healthy lifestyle at 360 °, and which according to Giacomo Guarnini can be practiced by anyone.

His approach has achieved success and recognition and it is no coincidence that numerous personalities from the world of entertainment and sport have relied on him, obtaining great results. Aurora Ramazzotti, Sfera Ebbasta, Tony Effe, Blanco, Marcell Jacobs are some of the names who put his suggestions into practice every day. He explained to us what the pillars are to live better and longer.

What are the golden rules for aging well?
Train constantly in a personalized way, lead an active and stimulating lifestyle rich in relationships, culture and interests, eat in a functional, varied and slightly calorie deficit way, supplement for your vitamin and antioxidant deficiencies, learn to rest and relax with quality.

You talk about training as an anti-aging method: what types of exercises do you recommend doing?
There are no specific exercises, but there are specific methods and approaches. In fact, when we want to develop a specific protocol to slow down aging, we must first of all study the subject in detail to fully understand its characteristics, and then build together a training that takes into account its health parameters such as heart rate. rest, muscle and joint pain, starting level and sports background and many other parameters. The best training is the one that blends different energy metabolisms starting from aerobic metabolism with a controlled cardiac threshold to promote the transport of oxygen, the use of fatty acids for energy and heart function, combined with a fundamental toning training to avoid physiological loss of muscle mass with advancing age, increase bone density and mineralization to prevent osteoporosis, improve hormone production which tends to decrease and increase the feeling of general well-being thanks to the release of precious endorphins. This type of training allows to improve the quality of life thanks to a perfect postural and muscular support, to prevent cardiac and neurodegenerative diseases and therefore to have a much higher longevity expectation.

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How much do you need to train per week? And at what age should we start?
The scientific community until recently provided rather conservative guidelines on the “amount” of training to be administered per week to increase longevity, but today studies report that the threshold can be increased considerably without side effects. In fact, we must take into account that the rule of “more is better” does not always apply, on the contrary, we must think about balance. Overdoing it is never good, also because training first of all produces inflammation to which the body responds with a whole series of physiological processes which, after compensatory recovery, constitute an improvement. But if we exceed with the activity and the inflammation exceeds the optimal levels we could face a worsening of the production of free radicals that we know well be responsible for aging. The right optimal weekly dosage could be this: perform 20 ‘per day of aerobic activity such as brisk walking with a heart rate between 120 bmp and 140 bpm based on your resting rate, and between 120’ and 180 ‘of activity of toning against resistance such as training with small weights, or free body, or in the gym.

In order to age well, you do not allow any exemptions? Why don’t you like the word sgarro?
Absolutely not, we are humans and not robots. Indulging in life’s whims is absolutely normal and that’s what we teach our customers every day. Our mission as a company is precisely to make people aware of what are the right attitudes to have for themselves, to improve their psycho-physical well-being, to be able to choose and manage. Our goal is certainly not to create soldiers who follow protocols in an excellent way but to make people free to always feel good within their lifestyle.
I don’t like the word “cheat” because it makes that moment seem like a mistake, but it’s not a mistake, it’s part of the journey. Characterizing it as an error instead triggers compensatory mental processes and mechanisms, in fact if a person thinks he has made a mistake by “failing” he may mistakenly think that the following day he should “self-punish” with a restriction, but it does not have to be so. When we talk about balance we must think of living consciously every moment being able to recognize and understand our emotions in order to know how to manage and regulate them, it is a very complex but also really effective process of inner knowledge that serves to give a positive transference on all areas of our life.

How much do sleep and nutrition affect aging?
Sleep makes up about a third of our life, how much could it affect our well-being and aging? I could answer the extremely analytical way with a nice 33.3%. And that’s right, it’s fundamental. We can do another practical example on our diet. How often do we introduce food into our body? Everyday. Each food performs very important functions, it is our fuel, what allows us to function. Food is the first drug!
Rest and nutrition are two fundamental pillars to slow down aging, it is no coincidence that in recent years the most varied technological devices have been born to monitor these specific areas. And it is also for this reason that in GS Loft we are integrating the devices useful for monitoring scientific data in the update of our app which will increasingly become a device for the constant monitoring of well-being levels at 360 degrees to be at all effects a predictive technology.

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How do we change our bad habits?
With goals and motivation. To change habits and mentality it is essential to follow a personalized coaching path that can change the perspectives you have of yourself and the way in which you lead your lifestyle. We have studied a specific path in GS Loft where in addition to frequent check-ups at the office we offer video call sessions with a mental coach who follows the process of evolution of the mentality step by step. In fact, it is useless to rely on nutritionists or trainers who do not use 360-degree integrated multidisciplinary approaches, because it would result in failure. How many people turn to the nutritionist, lose many kilos and then take them back with interest? How many people rely on trainers who provide grueling workout solutions with no results? Precisely on these problems GS Loft provides a solution, providing a team of professionals with expertise in medicine, nutrition, training and coaching to build personalized and sustainable paths and ensure achievable and lasting results.

Many famous people have relied on her, such as Aurora Ramazzotti: what do you recommend to young women like her?
Yes, many famous people have come to us. By following their nutrition and their training at 360 degrees, we give them the opportunity to work every day on their image and change their mentality.
Today’s young people are constantly overexposed to media comments and judgments and it is therefore essential to protect oneself psychologically with a path that can enhance one’s self-esteem and mental health. It all starts with us, if we manage to become strong with innovative, scientific and multidisciplinary approaches there is nothing that can scare. The stress for a public figure or an artist is very high and it is therefore essential to learn to manage it with the right awareness. And training and eating with the right method really allows you to become strong and resistant in every moment of your life.

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And what does it tell us about Blanco?
Blanco came to us as soon as he released his first album, pushed by artist friends who had already had the opportunity to try our method and approach over the years. We immediately started working for Sanremo, for the performance and to regulate the lifestyle which was decidedly irregular. We focused on muscle building and postural improvement since he was definitely underweight for his height, we also improved his digestive and intestinal system thanks to particular tests on the bacterial flora as he was a bit out of balance due to the numerous trips and stresses. He applied a lot and we built 5kg of muscle in a few months. For the future, our goal is first of all to obtain a lean but resistant physique to face increasingly demanding live and performances. He is a good guy and we are really happy to be able to support him in the process of growing him.