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LIVE: Mass shooting in the Christchurch mosque as police react to the situation of "active shooters" 1 NEWS NOW

Live updates during the mass shootings take place in the Christchurch Mosque, causing multiple casualties.

15:25 clock Last update of St John: St John was briefed on a firearm incident in Central Christchurch at 3:33 pm on Friday afternoon.

We have around 20 emergency ambulances and emergency vehicles on site to assist you and we will continue to update you as soon as information becomes available.

15:20 The leader of the national party, Simon Bridges, has tweeted about the incident.

15:10: What we know so far:

At least one gunman opened the fire at the Masjid Al Noor mosque on Deans Ave at 13:40.

Witnesses heard several shots, some say up to 100 and there are several victims.

Much of Christchurch is currently closed as police respond to a situation with "active shooters".

14:58 clock Witness interview at the scene.

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The man said he had run from the gunman to a spot behind the mosque, where he called the police.
Source: 1 NEWS

14:55 clock The RNZ reports that about 300 people were in the Linwood Mosque for afternoon prayer.

This is the second mosque where unconfirmed reports of a second shooting have surfaced.

14:52 clock A witness told 1 NEWS that she heard at least 20 shots from the mosque from a semi-automatic weapon.

14:47: Photographs at the Christchurch Hospital show several people arriving on stretchers in an ambulance.

A man is reported to have entered the Masjid Al Noor mosque in Deans Ave about an hour ago and opened the fire.

14:45: Last update of the police: "In response to a serious firearm incident in Christchurch, all schools in Christchurch were closed. "

14:42 clock: The Bangladesh Cricket Team was filmed fleeing Hagley Park near the first mosque where shooting took place.

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The team was in Hagley Park and went back to the oval.
Source: Twitter / Mohammad Isam

14:35 clock A message from an eyewitness to 1 NEWS states, "My husband drove by, saying he took three people to the hospital, one was a little girl who had all been shot dead.

"He wanted to take more, he said, it was like a dozen people just lying on the street."

14:32 clock There are several reports in the social media that they have shot a second mosque in Linwood.

The police still have to confirm that.

14:31: The Linwood Ave school is also closed now.

2.30: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will be briefed on the evolving situation and will soon deal with it.

14:20 Witness at the scene Mohammed Nazir told NEWS that he saw three women shot and bleeding on the ground outside the mosque.

He called the police and climbed to a wall.

He had to run in his socks in fear and leave his shoes behind to get to safety.

14:18: The police are calling on everyone in Christchurch to stay inside and report suspicious behavior to the 111 immediately.

14:15 clock According to the police, armed police were deployed in the area, at which time no injuries are known.

14:05: Police ask people to "please avoid the Deans Avenue area," stating that they will provide more information soon.

14:04: A witness told Stuff that she had heard 20 shots and saw three people lying on the ground near a mosque on Deans Ave.

14:00 clock: Three schools in Hagley Park, including Girls High and Christ's College, are closed.


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