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LIVE – Midterms 2018: Democrats' first successes

Never before has so much money been swallowed up by mid-term elections, creating an avalanche of television, radio and Internet ads. More than $ 5 billion will have been spent on both sides to influence the Americans vote, eclipsing the previous record of mid-term elections by 35 percent in 2014, according to

The influx of money comes first from the Democratic camp. By the end of September, the Democratic candidates for the mid-term elections had already collectively crossed the symbolic threshold of a billion dollars in donations, collected from small – and large – contributors. The previous record, in 2012, was close to 900 million dollars, and belonged to the Republicans. These colossal sums represent only direct donations to candidates. To this must be added the money raised by the parties: $ 228.6 million for the Democratic Campaign Committee (DCCC), $ 150.5 million at the end of August for its Republican alter ego (NRCC).

Above all, we must take into account the political action committees (PAC), groups "external" authorized since 2010 to spend without limits, provided – quite theoretical – to remain independent of candidates and parties. The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), linked to House speaker Paul Ryan, is billing $ 126 million; its Democratic equivalent, the House Majority PAC, only 51 million at the end of August. If money does not buy (yet) votes, it is usually a good indicator of voter mobilization.

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