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LIVE REVIEW – Ancelotti: "Transition year? EL can make it unforgettable! On the goalkeeper and the tips …", Insigne: "We want the trophy! We are tired of not winning …"

from the envoy to Zurich, Antonio Gaito

Friends of, our editorial team welcomes you to the direct text of the press conference of Carlo Ancelotti. The Napoli coach, from the Letzigrund Stadion, will speak on the eve of the Europa League match against Zurich. The arrival in the press room of the Neapolitan coach – together with Lorenzo Insigne – is scheduled for 18.30.

18:34 – The press conference begins

Lorenzo, beyond the performances what happened after Paris and Liverpool? That team has not seen each other anymore. "There was a bit of disappointment, it was a different matter than going back to the Europa League, there were some ups and downs, but it's normal in one season and now we have to start from those performances because we are the ones We work hard to face every race at its best: in Florence we have missed opportunities, we have to be calm because we are strong "

Mister, how do you explain some performances out of sight that in San Paolo instead controls the games? "I want to be self-critical, but the tests have always been there, then we did not always materialize, especially out with Milan, Inter and Fiorentina, but we did not find the result, I do not know if it's a psychological problem, but with more effective the result would have been different, but in a season captain moments like this under the door, as for Milik, Lorenzo, Mertens equal and this must be accepted.There are details because if there had been the result and not the proof we would all be happier, but less happy, but the performance was there ".

Mister, the choice of goalkeeper depends on the physical conditions or other? "It is linked to physical conditions, Ospina has not trained, if today it trains and it is good to play him, otherwise Meret".

Insignia on the captain's belt: "It is a source of pride, but also of responsibility. I've always had it because I'm Neapolitan and the first fan who wants trophies. When I make a few mistakes I'm the first one to get bad, we deserve trophies because we've been doing well for years but we do not win anything. Now there is the Europa League and we can get to the end, win it and bring a trophy to Naples that is missing so much ".

Mister, how much is the Europa League in the judgment of the season? "It could certify the fact that the season is positive, then winning it would make it unforgettable but it is not easy because it is very long, starting today, but we have cards to play with. can help us win the cup. "

Lorenzo, the -11 from Juventus has taken away a bit 'of enthusiasm? "No, they did not take anything away from us, we knew that it would be difficult to compete with them, but we will try until the last race." "We are not less, we left points on the street that hurt, but psychologically it did not affect us because we always put wickedness and never give up ".

Mister, next year will you put more hand as it is ending a cycle? "I put the hand on it again this year, the team has a future for me, the group is quite young, with experienced players, even though Hamsik has left and other young players enter. the team and make it even more competitive, but we have been so far and we will be.It is not a year of transition, we have a lot to play with ".

Mister, yesterday 2-0 of the PSG in Manchester, Napoli risked putting out one of the candidates for the victory. "We could not do more, yesterday's result confirms that PSG aims to win the competition, we have done our best, now it's another competition and we have to play with the same spirit, but let's go slowly, let's think first of all this turn ".

Mister, it's your first EL, how do you prepare physically because it's harder on Thursdays? "It does not change much, there is more time to prepare it since we play on Thursday, less for the championship but it does not change much because the big players are used to these rhythms.

Lorenzo, the group is hungry for victories after years always competitive? "Yes, it's so much that we work together, some are here for 3, 4, 5 years and we are only annoyed to participate because we are a good group, healthy, united, but every year we fail to win but sooner or later we will remove the our satisfactions ".

Mister, what advice do you give to the Zurich Magnin technician? "I do not know him, I saw that his team has a positive, proactive attitude, it's difficult for me to say what to do another coach. To improve oneself, you need passion, then it is inevitable to improve ".

Hamsik in China, can we give it for a fact? "I stayed last Thursday, I said goodbye, then I did not see him again, it's not all defined yet, but I think it's going to be budgeted."

Lorenzo, have you talked about relegation from the Champions League, are you motivated in the Europa League? "We're focused, it's not the Champions League, but we're holding on to Naples and we have to honor it by getting to the bottom, the incentives are there, tomorrow we'll go on the pitch with the right nastiness to get a result and then play the return to Naples to go on We deserve it, in the Champions League we have made a great group against great champions and we want to honor the EL ".

Lorenzo, still on the wing: "It's a source of pride, then from Naples it's even better, I hope to honor it 100%"

18:57 – Press conference ends


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