Live ticker on the current situation in Münsterland

Since authorities such as the district of Steinfurt are no longer publishing corona numbers and the reported numbers on new infections and recoveries are only meaningful to a limited extent, we are not publishing these numbers on a daily basis for the time being.

Münsterland incidence values* on Friday
According to the RKI, the incidence values ​​in Münsterland are as follows today (difference to the previous day in brackets):

  • district of Borken: 790,8 (-29,3)
  • district of Coesfeld: 703,6 (-15,4)
  • City of Munster: 651,7 (+34,1)
  • district of Steinfurt: 591,5 (-19,6)
  • district of Warendorf: 657,5 (-33,5)

Source of the incidence values: Robert Koch Institute (as of: July 15, 2022, 3:06 a.m.)

* However, the information on the incidence values ​​does not currently provide a complete picture of the infection situation. Experts have been assuming for some time that there will be a large number of cases not recorded by the RKI – mainly because not all infected people have a PCR test done. Only positive PCR tests count in the statistics. In addition, late registrations and transmission problems can lead to the distortion of individual daily values.

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