Liverpool 2019-20 Player of the Year Version Mohamed Salah: Jordan Henderson


Mohamed Salah (c) Getty Pool via AP Photo
Mohamed Salah (c) Getty Pool via AP Photo

news” itemprop=”articleBody”> – Mohamed Salah said all Liverpool players performed well in helping the club win the Premier League title, but if he had to choose the one with the greatest form he would choose Jordan Henderson.

Liverpool finally won the league again. They can do it in this 2019-20 season.

The Reds previously had to wait very long to repeat the achievement. Liverpool last won the league in 1990.

The success of the Reds was achieved thanks to the slick performance of all Liverpool players. From back to front, all the players make a big contribution.

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All players look great

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Liverpool won the Premier League, leaving seven matches left. They are also 23 points ahead of Manchester City in second place.

Mohamed Salah was then asked who is the best player in the Liverpool squad today. The Egyptian player said all the players appeared neat and worthy of praise.

“You can’t say, we have a lot of good players. If you ask 10 people, ‘Is Alisson the best player?’ Nine of them will say that, “he told beIN Sports.

“Equal to [Trent Alexander] Arnold, Henderson, Virgil [van Dijk]”Wrong, Mane,” continued the former AS Roma player.

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Henderson the Best


Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson (c) AP Photo
Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson (c) AP Photo

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However, Mohamed Salah finally mentioned the name of Jordan Henderson as the player most worthy of being called the best player of Liverpool this season. It was not separated from his contribution which was extraordinary in midfield.

In addition, Henderson has also proven his great influence as captain in the squad. The influence is felt when the skipper is absent.

“We have a great season, but if I have to choose one, I will choose Henderson because he is our captain, he has been here for eight to nine years and has repeatedly faced criticism and overcame it,” he explained.

“He is a great person and always tries to help everyone,” said Salah.

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False Target

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Mohamed Salah later revealed his target going forward with Liverpool. He asserted himself and also his colleagues insisted they wanted to win more championship trophies.

“We are a very good team now, if we perform the same way we can win more and more trophies. This is our goal,” said Salah.

“I will not stop trying to win the competition, I can create new challenges for myself to win again and again. “My ambition has no limits and I will work to be better in the years to come,” concluded Salah.

Currently Mohamed Salah has the opportunity to end the season as the Premier League’s top scorer. Meanwhile Jordan Henderson is said to be worthy of winning the Player of the Year award.

(beIN Sports)


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