Two people have reportedly been arrested after a far right attempted to carry out a pro-Brexit march in Liverpool.

Frontline Patriots, but they were forced to flee into a Moorfields station after being greeted by a massive anti-fascist counter-protest.

Moorfields' Exchange Street entrance, along Dale Street and to Derby Square.

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However the small turnout for the far right group – coupled with the vast numbers of the counter-protest – meant it could not actually make it beyond the station.

Liverpool – and not the first time those who have traveled to the city for protests promoted by right wing groups have not made it beyond a city rail station.

After the tiny crowd of wannabe marchers scrambled back into the station, those involved with the counter protesting at the station's Old Hall Street entrance to the far-right group could not find another route into the heart of the city.

After the crowds took the social media to "thank the public for their patience" during the dramatic scenes unfolded.

And Granada has since reported that Merseyside Police has made two arrests in connection with the events of early today.

The arrests were said to be in breach of peace and a public order. It was not clear which group those were with.



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