Livestream: Corona-Hotspot Offenbach am Main

In the livestream: Press conference of the crisis team in Offenbach

Offenbach could be the first city in Hesse to take tougher anti-corona measures again. Because in the city on the Main with almost 130,000 inhabitants, the critical number of new corona infections has almost been reached. The number of cases had risen massively last weekend.

The state of Hesse has an escalation concept. This provides for restrictions on public life, should the value of 35 infected per 100,000 inhabitants be exceeded – and this critical number could now be reached. In coordination with the state of Hesse, the city’s crisis team discussed specific measures in Offenbach to contain the virus. You can see how the city is reacting to the new infections from 5 p.m. here in our live stream.

If the numbers in Offenbach continue to rise, there is even a risk of school closings from a value of 50 infections. Such steps are planned in stage four of the Hessian escalation concept. The sharp increase in the number of cases in the past week was mainly associated with returning travelers


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