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Eintracht Frankfurt live ticker: SGE joins Standard Liege.

Standard Liège – Eintracht Frankfurt 1: 1 (1: 0), Thursday, 07.11.19, 18:55

Lineup Eintracht Frankfurt

Rönnow – Abraham, Hinteregger, Hasebe – Kostic, Fernandes, Sow, Rode, da Costa – Paciencia, Silva (Kamada, Dost)

Standard Liège

Bodart – Fai, Vanheusden, Laifis, Gavory, Cimirot, Bastien, Amallah, Carcela-Gonzalez, Cop, Emond


1: 0 Vanheusden, 1: 1 Kostic


Matej Jug (Slovenia)

Update Ticker >>>

91st minute: There are four minutes on it.

90th minute: Another corner for the harmony … Nothing.

89th minute: Chandler comes for the Costa.

87th minute: Eintracht Frankfurt seems content with the division of points. Nothing is moving forward.

84th minute: It remains the same: Away, Eintracht Frankfurt is far from performing as in front of their own audience. Much piecemeal on but also deep ground.

82nd minute: Prediction: Who scores the next goal, takes the lead.

77th minute: It burns briefly in the penalty area. Hasebe can delete. (Next phrase)

76th minute: Now the game is flattening again. Also this phrase had to be accommodated.

74th minute: Paciencia leaves, Bas Dost arrives.

71st minute. The free kick goes over it. After all, the referee has seen correctly.

69th minute: Rode is placed in the Straufraum … the referee decides to continue running. Then he decides to free-kick at the edge of the box. Maximum confusion in Liège. Actually, the red must give because of emergency brake. Cimirot sees yellow due to complaints.

66th minute: Important goal for harmony. Also because the goal in a defeat could be important. Kostic with the compensation. A free kick from a half-right position, flat past the wall into the long corner.

65th minute: Kamada is putting pressure right now, and is placed on sixteenth. Kick. Kostic shoots … TOOOR!

63rd minute: Chance for Kostic, but the dodged. In return, Liege. The game is now picking up speed.

61st minute: Harmless shot of Kostic. Kamada comes in the game. Silva has to get out.

58th minute: That had become apparent. Liège had increased the pressure, the harmony without relief. The gate is one to wait for.

56th minute: And there it happened. Corner for Liege, confusion in the penalty area, and the ball lands in the net. Vanheusden hits.

55th minute: Standard Liège now pushes more forward. And the concord gets in trouble again and again on the defensive

53 minutes: Printing phase of the Belgians now. Ronnow holds a long shot. The Eintracht barely with clear balls, but many Nickligkeiten in midfield.

50th minute: Hinteregger runs back nicely from the attacking efforts of the home side. But not so much forwards.

47th minute: Corner for the concord. You guessed it …

46th minute: The game continues. Hopefully less tough than in the first half. No change.

Half time: Eintracht Frankfurt in Liege the better team. However, there was only one big chance from Andre Silva, who put a header on the post. That should have been the lead. The Hessians had the game under control until shortly before the end of the first half. Then one became careless, and Liege came to a fat chance.

45th minute: Almost the 1: 0 for Liege. The ball passes but just over. That was very tight!

42nd minute: Now it's getting hot in the penalty area of ​​Eintracht. The ball can be clarified. Ronnow does his job quite well so far.

40th minute: Silva gets fouled but can continue.

38th minute: The following free kick, ladies and gentlemen, does not bring anything.

37th minute: Sow sees yellow. Foul on the border to the penalty area …

34th minute: Great opportunity for harmony. Silva is served high on the five, but the header goes to the post. That must be the 0: 1. Completely unrestrained. He can do it, he has to do it.

33rd minute: Egg, egg, egg. Almost the 1: 0 for the Belgians. But Rönnow clears the corner.

30th minute: The first half hour is over. There is not much happening in the square. A lot of skirmishing in midfield, always a few small fouls. Silva and Paciencia still without impact.

28 minutes: Corner for the concord. Sow puts the ball in … nothing.

25 minutes: The whole thing is strongly reminiscent of the first leg. That was not necessarily a treat.

23 minutes: Paciencia disturbs the silence with a left-footed shot. However, he goes far past the gate.

21st minute. If the game was a body of water, it would be a stream. A babbling one.

19 minutes: The first corner for Liege. Blocked. The next one afterwards … clarified.

16th minute: Silva with space in front of the penalty area. However, the long-range shot goes far past the gate.

15 minutes: There is not much of Liège so far.

13 minutes: Lots of space for da Costa on the right side. The flank though … well. Side registration.

12th minute: That looks pretty good. So far, the team of Adi Hütter has the game under control.

10 minutes: First chance for harmony. Andre Silva fails.

8th minute: Nice attack of the Hessen over Sow. The Swiss lays back from right in front of the box … where unfortunately nobody is.

6th minute: Eintracht Frankfurt always over left – a scoring chance has not come out so far.

3rd minute: Behavioral beginning of both teams. Nothing is yet to be felt by Hexenkessel.

1st minute: A cauldron is not exactly that. Many seats in the stadium are not occupied.

kick-off: How do you write so beautifully? The ball is rolling!

18.50 clock: Strange atmosphere in Liège, so no fans from Frankfurt. It should be loud anyway. The fans from Liège are considered the best in Belgium. As you know, the best in Europe have to stay at home today.

18:35: Reminder: The first leg won the Frankfurt 2-1. For the concord met David Abraham and Martin Hinteregger.

6:30 pm: That Andre Silva runs next to Pacienca in the storm is something of a surprise. Silva was only a few minutes against Bayern, before he had long to struggle with problems at the Achilles tendon.

5:45 pm: The lineup of concord is here. The SGE begins with Ronnow, Hinteregger, Hasebe, Abraham, Fernandes, Kostic, da Costa, Sow, Rode, Silva and Paciencia. Bas Dost initially sits on the bench. Hasebe returns to the starting lineup.

4:40 pm: The draw between Vitoria Guimaraes and Arsenal FC was clear yesterday: Eintracht Frankfurt would be safe in the knockout phase of the Europa League with a win against Standard Liège.

2 pm: We do not want to deprive the readers of an important communication: the company "Grillfürst" launches the "Eintracht grill" on the market, as we have just been informed by press release. Next it says:

Core of the cooperation is a gas grill as "Eintracht Edition" based on the Grillfürst own brand. The offer is rounded off by a range of accessories for barbecues. Maike Nickel, responsible for the project at Grillfürst, is looking forward to the cooperation: "Barbecues and football are simply together." With Eintracht Frankfurt we have found a strong partner who fits Grillfürst and with whom we can successfully implement the project Starting this year exciting events that every Eintracht fan can look forward to. "

At the moment, we are even more curious about the game.

12:30: After an order from the Belgian city of Liège, Frankfurt football supporters are not allowed to enter the city center until Friday 12 noon. As the "wdr" reports, checks are already being carried out at the borders in the Aachen area by the Federal Police. Eintracht fans who are recognizable as such should be prevented from arriving.

12.00: Surprise in the squad of Eintracht Frankfurt: Coach Adi Hütter has decided not to take the newcomers Dominik Kohr and Erik Durm to Liege. Maybe they should be spared for a possible use on Sunday in Freiburg. Recently, Hütter had announced that she would increasingly use rotation during the difficult weeks.

Preliminary report: Eintracht Frankfurt wants to take the momentum from the Bayern game

For the Hessen is in Liège an important away game. With a victory in Belgium, Eintracht Frankfurt could take a huge step towards the sixteenth-final in Europa League Group F. In a threesome Eintracht would be the second place behind the Arsenal hardly take, standard would not be over at two games in play at the Frankfurt, minimal chances would have Vitoria Guimaraes.

On support of their own fans, however, the Frankfurt have to do without. After the incidents in Guimaraes, the Uefa has the Hesse with an exclusion of followers in the away games * in Liège and at Arsenal in London occupied. The match won the team of Adi Hütter 2: 1 for themselves *. Playfully, the game was anything but a revelation, but the points remained in Frankfurt.

Eintracht Frankfurt: A goal is always possible

Whether at Inter Milan, Lazio Rome or at Chelsea: For an away goal at Eintracht Frankfurt in the European competition is always enough. The team of coach Adi Hütter met in the past season with a place in the semi-finals in all seven away games, seasonally succeeded in even 15 games.

Should the series endure at Standard Liège, the odds increase for an overwintering in the Europa League, which the Hesse set firmly.

Standard Liège with problems

Standard Liege is not doing well. Since the last meeting in the Europa League in Frankfurt on October 24, the team of coach Michel Preud'homme wins with moderate success by the domestic league. A respectable 1: 1 at leaders Bruges followed a befitting 2: 0 against the relegation candidate Waasland-Beveren, but last Sunday, it put a bitterly disappointing 1: 3 in pursuit KAA Gent. However, the home record is still excellent, with Liège winning 19 points in six matches at the Maurice Dufrasne stadium and winning six games. The atmosphere in the narrow stadium is heated and oppressive.

Eintracht Frankfurt must be vigilant. In a 0-1 defeat on Thursday, the direct comparison was due to the goal scored in the 2-1 victory of Eintracht in Frankfurt to the Belgians. (S.)

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