“Living as a woman bothers me”

Luisa Heim is 23 years old and lives in Darmstadt.
Home works in one law firm and translates there into German, English, French and Spanish. Luisa Heim is also involved with the Green Youth in Darmstadt. (elsa)

Man and woman – it’s not that simple. Some people see themselves neither this way nor that, and then it gets complicated. Some definitions of terms:

Divers: Since December 2018, the birth register has included the option “diverse” in addition to “male” and “female”.

trans*: People who do not identify with the sex assigned at birth. You can also carry out gender reassignment measures.

non-binary: Collective term for gender identities from the trans* spectrum for people who do not identify exclusively as female or male and who are outside of the two-part, binary gender order.

binary: People who see themselves as male or female.

cis gender: People who identify with the sex assigned at birth.

inter*: People born with both male and female sex characteristics.

polygender: People who combine many gender identities.

There is several other terms. A detailed collection with explanations is available, for example, on the website of the Federal Agency for Civic Education