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Living at a height of 42 meters: water tower Leerdam is for sale

by archyw

“The phone is ringing off the hook, the mailbox is overflowing”, broker Gernant Temminck told Editie NL. “People see the great photos and the price and think: I want to live there.”

But no matter how attractive the price may seem, you will still have to put in quite a bit of money before you finally enjoy living there. “I estimate you would have lost half a million to a million to complete the tower.”

Temminck compares the tower to a hollow pencil. “Extra floors have to be added, the outside has to be grouted and if you don’t want to walk 42 meters up every day, you have to build an elevator. From a structural point of view it is quite an investment. And then you have to furnish it to your own taste. “

360 degree terrace

The broker will be looking for suitable candidates in the coming period. “We specialize in monuments and heritage. We want a buyer who comes up with a nice redevelopment plan, so that the tower is preserved in all its value.”

The lucky owner will eventually have a roof terrace, which offers a view of Rotterdam and Utrecht when the weather is nice.

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