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If you are thinking of migrating to the USA and you are taking accounts about what it would cost you to live in this country, including the rental of the property where you hope to settle, you should know that just as some cities were revalued with the pandemic Due to its high demand, the opposite effect occurred in other areas.

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Precisely, an analysis carried out by Zumper, the platform that allows you to find, request and reserve an apartment, reveals that in recent months several cities in the United States have registered a drop in the prices charged to rent a property.

This despite the fact that in general terms, in the second quarters of this year there was an increase of 9.2% in the national rental index of the North American country, compared to the similar period of 2020, time in which the pandemic exerted its biggest impact on the US market.

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In this way, the cities that have registered a more significant drop in rental prices In recent months they are: Chattanooga (Tennessee), Baltimore (Maryland), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Rochester (New York) and Fort Worth (Texas), where rates fell by more than US $ 950.

Cities like Texas and Oklahoma have areas with the lowest rental prices (Photo: Pixabay)

According to the platform, the cheapest cities to rent a one-bedroom home are:

TownMonthly rental cost
Wichita (Kansas)US$620
Akron (Ohio)US$630
Shreveport (Louisiana)US$680
Lubbock (Texas)US$680
Tulsa (Oklahoma)US$720
Laredo (Texas)US$760
Lexington (Kentucky)US$770
El Paso, Texas)US$770
Albuquerque (New Mexico)US$770
Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)US$800

While to rent a two-bedroom home, the ranking of the cheapest cities looks like this:

TownMonthly rental cost
Akron (Ohio)US$760
Wichita (Kansas)US$800
Shreveport (Louisiana)US$800
Lubbock (Texas)US$850
Tulsa (Oklahoma)US$900
Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)US$910
Laredo (Texas)US$920
El Paso, Texas)US$970
Lexington (Kentucky)US$1.000
Albuquerque (New Mexico)US$1.030

As can be seen from the analysis made by Zumper, the cities or areas with the cheapest rents In the country, several cities in Texas (Luvock, Laredo and El Paso) and Oklahoma (Tulsa and Oklahoma City) stand out.