Living Portager in Wisconsin Battles Lyme Disease

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Medori Moman is from Portage and lives in Wisconsin working as a donor in the 360 ​​Ethnos Bible School when her health was attacked. Finally, Moman learned Lyme contract.

Mediterranean Moman“I’m not sure exactly how I got this disease,” Moman says. “Usually, it is passed through the deer tick stick. It’s pretty nice in the Wisconsin area.”

She notes that there are many hooligans coming with Lyme’s disease, and often the disease itself is not the worst. Moman explains that joint infections can place more on the body. She says that Lyme’s disease weakens your immune system to allow those who fall into your system. And so, many people are changing many of the symptoms.

“But for me, there was only a lot of brain control, and difficulty concentrating and focusing and putting my sentences into words,” said Moman. “And then just fatigue and fatigue, and just getting up trouble.”

Her sister set up a Facebook funding page When Life Life gives you Lymes. If you want to help, click here:



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