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3G House living room illustration

IDEAonline – For many people, the living room is one of the most important rooms in the house.

The reason is, this room is a place for us to gather and spend time with our family after a day of activities.

For that reason, Bimo, the owner of Rumah 3G, said that the living room is his favorite room in his house.

Apart from being a place for gathering with his wife and children after work, he also feels that the family room is the most unique room in his house.

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First of all, the walls of this room are covered with exposed brick, which reflects the wall model of a Dutch house.

The bricks used also look natural because they come from demolition of old houses.

For this reason, the motifs and colors of each block are different and unique.

The real reason Bimo used bricks for his walls was because the original walls of the room were uneven.

The exposed brick helps make up for this shortcoming and actually makes the house seem like houses abroad.

To complete the rustic look, Rumah 3G’s family room is dominated by unfinished furniture.

Many of the furniture are made from old rail sleeper wood, for example the coffee table in this family room.

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Bimo made sure to maintain the original motifs and textures of this table made of used rail sleeper wood to make it look more rustic.

Not only the furniture, many of the decorations and other interior elements in this room come from used materials or DIY results.

Another interesting thing, the door from the living room to the garage is also a barn door style door.

Then, the unused wine bottle holder is also processed into a decoration filled with fake plants.

The window design which was originally white was also transformed into black by Bimo DIY with rubber spray paint.

The majority of the contents of this room are customized to accentuate the unique and unfinished impression.

3G House living room illustration

Instagram @rumah_3g

3G House living room illustration

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Apart from wood, this room is also decorated with rattan and burlap materials.

Many potted plants also decorated this room because Bimo’s wife’s hobby was caring for plants.

The presence of plants in this family room also makes the room feel fresher and less monotonous.

To further break up the monotonous atmosphere in this rustic room, the sofa which is the accent of the room also uses a pictorial patterned pillow—what an interesting choice.

Going forward, Bimo has plans to change the floor material to vinyl.

Has this Rumah 3G living room inspired IDEA Lovers to bring a rustic impression into the living room?

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