Liviu Avram: “Prezidente, do something…” early Elections or a referendum, the only solution

Liviu Avram: “Prezidente, do something…” early Elections or a referendum, the only solution


Herr Prezidente, when you were terrified last time, on the 18th of January, you have committed a gesture daredevil: have you submitted to the Government and you have taught a splendid lesson of zoology, chapter elephants. It was a victory fleeting, because after two weeks they came up with the Ordinance 13.

Then, the citizens of Romania were the ones who were terrified and they taught her another lesson. And what a lesson: Order of 13 has been withdrawn after a few days. But it’s still a victory fleeting it was, as it is seen now.

Herr Prezidente, on 7 February, in the Parliament, said that: “the PSD promised in the campaign something, and in the early days was into something else. Not the prosperity of the Romanian people was the first priority. Care first was to take care of the files penalilor and romanians are outraged and revolted”. That reality has remained intact until today: the objective of hiding remained the same, the only thing that changed was the strategy.

then, you said that: “the Withdrawal of Ordinance 13 and, possibly, dismissal of the throes of a minister is certainly too little. Early elections are in this phase too much”. Isn’t it time to re-evaluate that last sentence?

For it is obvious that any other political resources have been exhausted. Your calls are running into a wall, the people in the street are ignored, the U.S. State Department is bagatelizat, the CVM report is twisted and the ambassadors of allied countries do visits absolutely useless to the Government and to the Ministry of Justice. Tudorel Toader not do than to keep talking to those people, because once it’s dezînvestit of these laws, and handed them to his Florin Iordache, can safely say it has nothing to do with them.

Herr Prezidente, to say that right, with these assholes for a single resource politics of the left: the early elections. I know I’m hard to get, I know that we need a political consensus infernal, but maybe worth a try. At least to find out if political leaders who promote these laws are true men of the state and have the courage to appear with them in front of the electorate. If I say yes, we will applaud and we will go to the polls. If I say no, we’ll have learned an extremely important thing about their characters.

And if no early elections do not go, there still remains a handy resource, this time rather legal: the referendum. A referendum which, through questions, not to invite politicians to the action (as happened with the one in 2009, remained a dead letter), but to invite them to inaction. The result to sound like a giant cry “Stop!”.

Herr Prezidente, if you decide to go, you see that the topic of the referendum that you started last winter only target criminal law and the laws of integrity. In the meantime, they got hacked and the Laws of Justice. So maybe it wouldn’t hurt to send a notification to the Parliament that you want to fill the topic of the referendum last winter.

If you’re still undecided, you’ll wake up with all these laws to Cotroceni, and I won’t have enough hands to send them to reconsideration or to the Constitutional Court. It’s risky on both sides: you will refuse to review (I hope you don’t get your hopes up), and at the RAC we know about how to put the problem in a while.

Herr Prezidente, I write all this with a single purpose: not to make you regret that you didn’t act in time. Do something! – for instance a new gesture daredevil…

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