Liza Minnelli was forced to sit in a wheelchair at the Oscars

Singer-pianist Michael Jay Feinstein, a close friend of the acting legend, put it this way, Liza Minnelli was “sabotaged” – because she herself didn’t want to win the Oscar for Best Film at this year’s awards ceremony.

Many began to worry about the health of the acting legend when they saw him handing over the award for best film in a wheelchair at this year’s Oscar gala, and Liza Minnelli was very disappointed because she wanted to avoid pity.

One of her friends, Michael Jay Feinstein, said she was completely at odds with Minnelli’s ideas as she appeared on stage at the event, despite the fact that her performance with Lady Gaga was considered heartwarming by almost everyone. The two stars have been very well with each other for more than a decade; Minnelli’s former press, Scott Gorenstein a People magazine also revealed that their joint appearance was a personal wish of Lady Gaga.

Feinstein also revealed Minnelli was struggling with back problems, so he only agreed with the stipulation that he would be at the Oscars that he would be able to sit in a director’s chair on stage. Feinstein put it this way, Minnelli tried very hard to look good in front of the audience and the cameras, and he didn’t want to worry about him, so he preferred to sit in the director’s chair, which was also seen as a symbol of the profession.

Why, though, he still had to hand over the CODA crew for best film, it is said to have been linked to the Will Smith-Chris Rock conflict. The skirmish, which shocked everyone, hit the organizers completely unexpectedly, resulting in the sudden decision that Minnelli’s plans would not be the last awards ceremony of the evening. Feinstein said the steward told Minnelli just minutes before his performance that he still failed to fulfill his wish.

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“He was very excited and it seemed like he was confused. Can you imagine what it’s like to be suddenly forced to appear in front of millions of people the way they wouldn’t want to at all? That’s exactly what happened to him, ”Feinstein explained on Tuesday SiriusXM on the radio on Jess Cagle’s show.

Source: The Guardian; Featured image: Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli at the 94th Oscar Awards on March 27, 2022 in Hollywood, California (Photo: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images)